☆Cafekko's nyappy days☆

My 1st An Cafe concert 2008-03-27♥Barcelona

My 2nd An Cafe concert 2009-03-28♥Barcelona

An Cafe Meet&Greet 2009-03-28♥Barcelona

Red Cafe 2009-08-11♥Tokyo

I saw Miku through the window of the restaurant where I was having dinner with my parents. We were on the second floor of that building and Miku went away on his bicycle (= I only saw him. I didn't have time to go out into street and say something to him) (・ω・;) 2009-08-15♥Tokyo

Natsu Koi★Natsu Game outfits exhibition 2009-August♥Tokyo

I appeared on Nyappy Go Around The World II movie (it's on Final of Nyappy DVD)

My 3rd An Cafe concert&Nippon Budokan&Bou's promise&An Cafe's last concert before   their hiatus[wedding] 2010-01-04♥Tokyo

I won a present from Nyappy Book contest 2010-May

Teruki mentioned me on his blog 2010-05-06♥

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I appeared on Nippon Budokan DVD

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I met Sakurai in Salon del Manga 2010-10-30☆Barcelona

I went to Sakurai's panel in Salon del Manga 2010-11-01☆Barcelona

Kanon, Teruki, Spark, Ryu, Mitsuki Ustream 2010-11-10♥ 

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 Teruki&Ryu USTREAM 2010-12-14♥

cake_002.gifRyu's new Twitter icon 2010-12-20♥
cake_002.gifXmas Ustream 2010-12-24/25♥



  1. En serio viste a Miku? O____O
    Uala, eso debe ser genial, encontrartelo en la calle ahi de tranquis, que guai! *___*
    Un besito!

  2. OMG! You're so lucky!
    If there's a god, he loves you.
    Ha, god hates me xD
    I hope you will have even better memories xD

  3. Desde luego me impresiona lo afortunada que eres, Sarah-chan o.o siéntete grandiosa por todas esas cosas que te han pasado y que miles de cafekkos hubiesen deseado que les pasase! ^.^

  4. Wow!! A ti si te pasan cosas *0* A mi no.... en mi mini paisito que va a pasar?!?! Eres muy afortunada ^w^

  5. This is so great! ^3^ I'm so happy for you!

    I love An Cafe so much! I went to their concert in the USA and I almost cried lolol I think I cried haha~~it was about a year or so ago! I am sad that they are on a break but I will always cherish their music forever!! <3

    I grew up in high school listening to their music and it's been so great ;w; i love them all~~even bou!

  6. ♪♥♪alyssandra ♥♪♥September 3, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    Nyappy! wow you are totally amazing! and i really admire you!! please follow me on twitter. a few hours ago i posted 'nyappy' on your wall. i would really like to become friends and get to know more about your adventures in japan!!! XD


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