★My An Cafe CD collection★

Today I'll introduce you my An Cafe CD collection.

First of all, in this photo you can see all my An Cafe CDs

Candy Holic: (the one that has the image of the jelly beans) It was the 1st single of An Cafe! Last summer I bought it in a shop called Closet Child that was in Harajuku . When I saw it in the shop I thought: "It has to be mine!" (laughs) (●´∀`●) because, I don't know, it was their 1st single! It's wonderful.

Komou ~Cosmos~ : (the one next to Candy Holic. It's white) It was the 3rd single of An Cafe so, it is also old. I bought it in Closet Child last summer, too.

Merry Making: (the one next to Komou ~Cosmos~) This is one of the 3 singles that makes the trilogy of Harajuku. Escapism and Tekesuta Kousen are the other ones. If you have all these CDs and you put them together they form the words "An Cafe". I only have "fe" (laughs) but one day I will complete the trilogy! I also bought it in Closet Child last summer. It's so cute! (^∀^)

Shikisai Moment: (it's above Candy Holic) It was a 'Xmas present from 2008. It's so nice! It was a very nice present.

10's Collection March: (it's next to Shikisai Moment) I bought it in Closet Child last January!. That shop is full of treasures (laughs). (*´`*)

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna : (it's next to 10's Collection March) It comes with some cute stickers! It's from Closet Child, too!! (laughs) I bought it last summer.

Ko Akuma USAGI no Koibumi to Machine Gun e.p. : (it's above Smile Ichiban Ii Onna) I bought it on CDJapan (it's a online shop). It comes with a photocopy of the hand-writed lyrics of "My ♥ leaps for you" by Miku.

Gokutama Rock Cafe: (it's next to Ko Akuma USAGI no Koibumi to Machine Gun e.p) This CD and the next one were my 1st An Cafe CDs! I bought them in my first An Cafe concert in Barcelona (27th March 2008) . Moreover, this is my signed An Cafe CD!! The band signed it in the Meet&Greet♥ (*´▽`) where I met them last year! (28th March 2009).

Magna Carta: (it's next to Gokutama Rock Cafe) It was the last album with Bou.

Harajuku Dance Rock: (it's above to Magna Carta) I think that it was only sold in some overseas concerts in their second world tour. So, I bought it in my 2nd An Cafe concert in Barcelona.

Natsu Koi★Natsu Game: (it's next to Harajuku Dance Rock) I bought it one day before the oficial date in Tokyo! (laughs) (〃゚∇゚〃)

BB Parallel World: (it's next to Natsu Koi★Natsu Game) It was the last album of An Cafe before their hiatus. I bought it on the online web called CDJapan.

Do you like them? Every one of my CDs has its own story! (laughs)



  1. Wow! That's so awesome!!! I want to have an cafe CDs too, but it's impossible to buy it in my city >.<

  2. quina sort que tens lina ;O; i sempre t'ho diré!

  3. I also say, you have good luck.
    Do you know who am I?
    A lot of kisses.

    P.D.: I'm following you on twitter.

  4. omg, pero si ske los tienes todos! XD
    yo que solo tengo el Stacked Rubbish de Gazette, madre mia xD
    un beso!

  5. Heee, amazing ! You have An Cafe's CD's a lot ! *----*'

  6. Hola Sarah!!!

    Pues aquí visitando tu blog. Se ve muy linda la foto con todos los discos juntos... yo hace tiempo que tengo ganas de hacerme una así, pero no he tenido tiempo ni espacio para ponerlos todos juntos.

    Yo tengo dos CDs, entre mi colección de objetos de An Cafe, que son mi orgullo: el single de AROMA en ambas ediciones (sólo CD y CD + DVD). Los adoro porque están firmados por ellos!

    Tu colección es muy interesante!



    Tiramisu ~


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