Today I sent a birthday card and a little handmade present to Teruki because his birthday is getting near! (o^▽^o)


Teruki started a Facebook account today! So now we're friends on Facebook (*´∀`*) I'm so happy~~ We're friends on Facebook and Livedoor! and we follow each other on Twitter (*^▽^*)


☆Tekesuta Kôsen☆

The first time I went to Japan (summer of 2009) I got some photos in the same place where An Cafe had shot their PV called "Tekesuta Kôsen" (*・∀・*)


This PV was made in Harajuku. I took these photos in a street that is just behind Takeshita Street o(≧∀≦)o



Last Saturday Spark replied to me on Twitter! We didn't say anything very interesting hahaha (・∀・ ;) but I was happy o(≧∀≦)o

He said that he was in a bar drinking wine and I asked him the brand of that wine. He told me that it didn't have a brand. It was from that bar.


Yesterday Ryuu did an Ustream! It was a surprise~~ (●´∀`) I was lucky because I was online at that time so I could watch it. It was a test. There weren't many people online so he could read people's messages. The first time I wrote: Ustream!すごい!ありがとう!(Ustream! Amazing! Thank you) and he replied to me on the Ustream! He said: Sarahさん!日本語。すごい。ありがとうございます!(Sarah! Japanese. Amazing. Thank you very much). I was so happyヽ(゚∀゚*)ノ! He only said those words so I could understand him (^^)

 That Ustream was very cool because Teruki phoned him hahaha(●´∀`) and then Kanon wrote some messages, too! I also said to Ryuu "I have homework but now I can't leave (laughs)" and Ryuu said: Sarahさん。わかりました。。。wwwww ごめん!ごめん!www (Sarah, I understood it (OK)... hahaha I'm sorry, I'm sorry haha) haha, that was cute (*^O^*)


This week I have lots of homework and things to study. Well, the truth is that I always have homework and exams but this week I have even more things to do (*^д^* ;) hahaha. I'll do my best! (●´∀`)ノ

Bye nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o



Today I got a reply from the mangaka who had made my favourite manga!(・∀・) She is Minami Ozaki and my favourite manga is Bronze Zetsuai since 1989.

In fact, Bronze Zetsuai since 1989 is the second part of Zetsuai since 1989 (I like the whole story: Zetsuai and Bronze). I read it years ago and I sent a letter to Minami Ozaki. She replied me with this cute postcard! I was very happy ( ´▽`)

I told her that Bronze was my favourite manga and I showed her this photo of her postcard in Twitter today. She told me that she remembered this postcard! (o・0・o)

I don't know many people who likes this manga (´-ω-`)haha. I think that it's because the drawing style is very unique and the story itself isn't very commercial, either. In fact, it's a very hard manga.

This manga is about a boy (Kôji) who falls in love with a girl who is playing football (I think both of them are 12~). Kôji wants to find this girl so he becomes a singer. He thinks that this way maybe that girl will listen to his songs and she will come to him (ah! I haven't said it: Kôji is a moron (。`∀´。)hahaha). One day, Kôji is very ill (he has fever) in the street, he is unconscious. A boy (Takuto) is running C= C= C= ┌(;・_・)┘ in that area and he sees him. He isn't into music so he doesn't know that that man is Kôji Nanjô (the singer) but he sees that he is in trouble so he picks him up to his house (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_;。) . Kôji is very weak but he can see that that man (Takuto) is in fact "that girl" he saw when he was 12 (now they are 18~). So that girl wasn't a girl!!! (●`・△・´●)but now Kôji is in love with Takuto and he can't do anything to stop his love, even though he doesn't like men in general (・艸・。||)

So, this is the beginning of Zetsuai. I think that it's a very romantic manga but it's full of dramatic stuff, too (sometimes they are mad haha). Anyway, I really like it!  (´ω`●人)



Yesterday I was talking to a cafekko about our beginnings as An Cafe's fans. She said that she considered herself a cafekko since 2008 and I said to her that I was a cafekko since 2006 (before Maple Gunman and Smile Ichiban Ii Onna!). 

Anyway, I think that you can't choose the moment you "discover" your favourite band (it just happens) so that doesn't make you a better cafekko or something. It's true that I feel lucky because I've lived a lot of things "in real time". I started being a cafekko when Bou was still in the band. Even though I've never seen Bou in a concert, I lived that era. I could go to both concerts of An Cafe in Barcelona (2008&2009) and I  also went to Nippon Budokan concert. I could enjoy an awesome Meet&Greet in 2009 and many other wonderful things have happened to me. I'm very thankful!

I believe that everyone of us has to appreciate their own memories as a cafekko because they are all beautiful.  We're starring An Cafe's history even now. In the future, when An Cafe comes back, we will remember that we were there during their hiatus and we will be proud of ourselves o(≧∀≦)o



Today I spent the day with Ida, Mariona and Marina in Barcelona (^0^)

In the morning we went shopping (but we didn't buy many things (´∀` ;)haha). I bought a Rilakkuma adhesive tape and a Rilakkuma badge☆

We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant. I ate katsudon and takoyaki. I also ate matcha ice cream (・∀・)

In the afternoon we went to Starbucks and we gossiped (*´∀`*) haha. We got some purikura, too☆!

It has been a very nice day! (*^0^*)



Today I painted my nails and I also put some stickers on them. I think they look cute (*^o^*)! Do you like them?☆



Today has been Kanon's Ustream (*゚▽゚)!!! This was the first time that I could watch a whole Kanon's online-video. I always had had problems with them but I think that the destiny helped me today because Teruki appeared on the Ustream, too! Waah! I was so happy! (*´∀`*)

Even though I'm studying Japanese my level is still very low and I couldn't understand most of what they were saying orz. It was like a super difficult listening for me (?) hahaha. Fortunately, Studio Blue 3's maid was there to translate the most important things into English. Thank you, maid! m(*T▽T*)m

Ustream started at 00:00 (16:00 in Spain) but they made a test before the real Ustream started. Then was when I saw that Kanon's hair was light brown/redish/blondish! Σ(・oノ)ノ

After the test, the screen turned this way. All cafekko were waiting until 00:00 (Japan time). It was so exiting! わくわく!Kanon, Spark and Ryuu were tweeting meanwhile, too☆!

I took a photo of myself with the screen while I was waiting!☆

Then, Ustream started!! I was so happy but I didn't know that I would be even happier in a few minutes because, all of a sudden... we heard a strange noise and all of them began to laugh! A dog attacked them! wait...it wasn't a dog... that person was...Teruki with a hat that was like a dog's face(*゚0゚)!!!! hahahaha. A few days ago I asked Teruki on Twitter if he would be in Kanon's Ustream. What a coincidence! (^0^)

Teruki and Ryuu like cute hats (*´ε` *)

Teruki was eating all the time and I wrote in Japanese "Teruki! is this the diet of the yogurt?(laughs)" (Teruki had been talking about diets on his blog and on Twitter).

They read something on the screen and they began to laugh!!! I could only understand "Teruki" and "cookie". Maybe that yogurt/ice cream was made of cookies.  I don't think that they were laughing of what I had written because there were many messages for Teruki then, too! but I was happy anyway because my message was among all the messages that they were reading!(*´ー`*)

EDIT!(12-11-2010):  They were laughing of my tweet!!!! @ritsuppy told me that he had been able to understand that they were laughing of  what I had written (*^O^*) I'M SO HAPPY!!!!! o(≧∀≦)o

On of the funniest things was when they had to answer some questions related to girls, dates and love. It was so cool because we had to vote our favourite answer saying the name of the person we were voting plus "kyun kyun" (〃゚∇゚〃)

Thank you for this Ustream! You made me so happy! (*´ω`)



Today is my mother's birthday☆! Happy birthday☆☆☆☆(*^0^*) My mother is so nice and kind. I love you, mum!


Kanon replied to me again!!!! I'm so happy! Twitter is wonderful~~!!
Thank you very much Kanon. You made me so happy again☆
He wrote it twice but I can see that the only difference is that in the first tweet he wrote the particle "yo" (I think that this particle is used to emphasize a sentence) and in the second one he didn't wrote it.

I told him that I didn't understand one of his tweets and he explained it to me. Kanon, why are you so kind and cute? You're such a nice person  (●´∪`)


Teruki wrote on his blog that Sakurai had showed him his photos of Salon del Manga. I was so happy (*/∇\*) when I read it because Sakurai had taken a picture of me and he also had taken a picture of my bag because there were some An Cafe badges on it ☆


Today I drew this picture! I know that it isn't very well made orz but I think that the "idea" is cute, isn't it? (・∀・*)


☆Cute things☆

Hi nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

Today a classmate and I did an exchange. I saw a K-ON plastic sleeve on her table and I said: AH! K-ON! I LOVE IT! IT IS SUPER CUTE!! (*´∀`*) The classmate said that she could give it to me if I gave something to her so I gave her one of my two Rilakkuma plastic sleeves; and now I have this super cute K-ON plastic sleeve (●´∪`)

I remember that Sakurai asked us about our favourite animes in his panel and I said K-ON. Then Sakurai said that Mio was his favourite character and Sakurai's friend said that his favourite character was Azunyan (^ω^)


My mother has bought me this lovely Hello Kitty Advent Calendar. Thank you (*´∀`*)


☆Best Salon del Manga ever☆

Today I went to Sakurai's panel in Salon del Manga. I have to say that this has been the best Salon del Manga ever for me! (´∀`)

I spent some parts of the day with my parents and others with my friends. Finally, Sakurai's panel was near! We were waiting for it when Sakurai came to my mother and me. He told to us that he knew that my mother was my mother because we looked alike! (・ω・) haha He also said to my mother that she looked very young  (・∀・) . Then he saw my Nippon Budokan T-shirt and we told him that we had been to An Cafe's concert there. He said that he had been there, too. Then, he suddenly started imitating that part of the concert when Kanon said tiramisu nyappy poppo hahaha. Sakurai is so cool('∇'*)!! After that, Sakurai saw that I had some An Cafe badges on my bag and he said: ooooh Teruki! and he took a photo of my bag (・∀・)haha. It was also then when I got this photo with him. As you can see, he was wearing that outfit that he had been wearing with Kanon in Paris and the USA.

Then, we all entered the room where the panel was going to take place. My parents and I got the 1st row! I was so happy! Sakurai played An Cafe's Cherry Saku Yuuki PV while he was looking for some things on his laptop.

His speech was about anime's pilgrimage in Japan (and also around the world). Sakurai and his mates travel around Japan and around the world and they take photos of the real places that appear in animes. You know, mangakas and anime creators copy real scenery and they use it in their creations. That's why Sakurai told us that Japan is a 2.5D because anime is 2D and reality is 3D, so Japan is 2.5D because you can find those anime places in real life, too.

Sakurai also said that he had forgotten his hat! but that we can see it on the Internet because he had worn it in other conventions around the world (with Kanon!).

He told us that Kanon wanted to go to Salon del Manga but he finally didn't come and then he said  that he would say to Kanon that we were very angry because he hadn't come to Salon del Manga hahahaha. He said prince Kanon haha (*>∀<*)

Then he played a video comment from Teruki, Kanon and Yuuki (it was from their days with Sakurai in China!). The translator told us that they had said that they were still in hiatus but when they came back they wanted to do a world tour and come to Spain again (●´∪`)! They also said nyappy and Kanon said Salon del Manga. I remember that Teruki said Supein no cafekko --> Spanish cafekko / cafekko from Spain. I was SO HAPPY when I saw it (;___;)!!!!I couldn't record it well orz but I took this photo! Can you see them? Please, click on the photo to see it bigger.

Then Sakurai showed us Kanon x Kanon PV! So cool~~! (*´∀`*)

Afterwards the speech finished and Sakurai asked us to say nyappy o(≧∀≦)o and he took a photo. My mother and I said bye to Sakurai and he told us very nyappy o(≧∀≦)o words.

It all was so cool and nyappy o(≧∀≦)o! Thank you very much, Sakurai!