Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Today I'll introduce you my dolls! (〃゚∇゚〃)

He's Ichiro!

And she's Pinku!

They are siblings. Ichiro is the oldest and as you can see, he is a very cool guy (laughs). He likes Visual Kei and punk style. He's a guitarrist and he wants to be in a band. Pinku loves Harajuku, cute things and she enjoys going to Visual Kei concerts. She is very proud of her brother☆

Do you like my dolls♥? I would like to have another boy but now I don't have enough money to buy it (laughs) (´▽`;)


  1. ooh ♥ I don't own dolls like these but I own 5 bjd dolls!!

  2. Nyaaa son muy monos los dos! :3
    Ichiro va muy bien maquillado, lo has hecho tu? :O Porque si es asi, menudo arte, hija! xD
    un besito!

  3. OMG!!! They're so cute! I love them!


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