An Cafe on nico nico! ☆ミ

Hello everyone ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪ 

Today I saw An Cafe’s nico nico programme (*・ヮ・♡)。゜☆ It was so fun and interesting!! ♪ They talked about several topics, showed us their new outfits, spoke to some cafekko on the phone and more ☆ Also, there were very good announcements! They're going to release a new single and the people who buy it will be able to go to handshake events (((o(*゚∀゚*)o))) So happy! ♪ 
今日アンカフェのニコ生を見た(*・ヮ・♡)。゜☆とても面白くて楽しかったよ♪色々な話題について話したり、新しいコーディネートを見せたり、カフェっ仔と電話で話したりしました☆そしてとても良いお知らせがあったよ(*бωб*)アンカフェは新しいシングルをリリースする!!!そしてこのシングルを買う人は握手会に行ける!!!ゎく★ (((o(*゚∀゚*)o))) ゎく☆嬉しい♪


NADIA, frozen yoghurt, nails ( ´ ▽ ` )

Last year when I went to Japan I got this photo in front of the shop “NADIA Flores en el corazon”. “Flores en el corazón” means “flowers in the heart” in Spanish (。・ω・。)
去年日本に行ったとき、NADIA Flores en el corazonというお店の前でこの写真を撮った。「Flores en el corazón」はスペイン語で「心に花を」という意味です (。・ω・。)

Yesterday I ate frozen yoghurt after a long time☆ It was good!! ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ

Also, this is my new manicure ♪ (●・v・●)
そしてこれは新しいマニキュアです♪ (●・v・●)



Yesterday I went to Barcelona with my parents. We went to a Japanese restaurant and to a bubble tea café. We went shopping, too (^ω^)

I also met some friends and classmates in the street by chance! It was a nice day ☆ヾ(・∀・)ノ

In the past I used to buy Kera magazines in a shop that is in Barcelona but one day the shop assistant told me that they were going to stop selling them o(;△;)o However, yesterday I went to that same shop and there were plenty of them!!! I was very happy (* ´ ▽`*)♪ I bought the February and April ones (。・ω・。)
過去、バルセロナにあるお店でケラを買っていたけど、ある日店員さんは「今からケラを売りません」と言ったo(;△;)oでも昨日このお店に行って、ケラがいっぱいあったよーーー☆わ〜い(* ´ ▽`*)嬉しかった♪!!2月号と4月号を買った(。・ω・。)


Outfits and Evangelion☆

Tomorrow when I finish classes, I’m starting Easter Holidays until 1st April♪ but I’ll have to study because I have some exams on the 3rd! However, I think that I’ll have time to rest, too (〃ゝω’)b 
明日授業が終わってから4月1日までイースター休みです♪でも4月3日に試験があるので、勉強しなければならない。しかし休みなので、休む時間もあると思うよ (〃ゝω’)b

Last year when I went to Japan, I was taken this photo in front of an Evangelion shop that it was in Harajuku♪!! (★*’v`*) Do you like Evangelion? (●゚∀゚)
去年日本に行ったとき、原宿にあったエヴァンゲリオンのお店の前でこの写真を撮った♪!!(★*’v`*)皆さん、エヴァンゲリオンが好きですか? (●゚∀゚)


Claire's and Body Line (。’▽’。)

These are some photos I got last year at Takeshita street☆ I love Harajuku ♡^▽^♡

These are some things I bought at Claire’s. There're also some Claire’s shops in Spain but they don’t sell the same things you can find in the Japanese ones(。・ω・。)

Also, I bought two skirts at Body Line (´ ▽`)
そしてBODY LINEでスカートを2つ買ったよ(´ ▽`)

I took these photos from Body Line shop! ♪
BODY LINEからこの写真を撮った♪



Hello everyone! How are you? I’m doing my best with university and baito. Let’s work hard all together, ok? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
皆さん、こんにちは〜☆お元気ですか? ♪私は大学とバイト頑張ってますよ。皆さん、お互いに頑張ろうね( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!!


Last year I ate this delicious food at Godiva, in Japan. I love matcha! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
去年日本に行ったとき、ゴディバの喫茶店でこの美味しい食べ物を食べた。抹茶が大好き〜ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ


By the way, I did my nails some days ago(^v^)


Temple, crepe, Teruki's reply ☆

Last year when I went to Japan, I got these photos at Meiji temple and I prayed, too(^ω^) Also, I could see a photshooting of a wedding☆

This is a crepe I ate in Harajuku the day before Summer Dive☆ It was yummy! (*’U`*)


Yesterday I showed Teruki these cute photos of a cat (→ http://chickgeekgames.com/2012/04/best-cat-cosplay-ever.html ) and he replied to me! He said that it was funny haha! I was very happy♪♪ o(≧∀≦)o
昨日輝喜さんにこの可愛い猫の写真を見せた(→ http://chickgeekgames.com/2012/04/best-cat-cosplay-ever.html )そしてリプをもらったo(≧∀≦)o嬉しかった♪♪


Noken 4, outfits, food!☆

Yesterday I got the N4 certificate \(^o^)/

By the way, these are some outfits that I’ve worn recently ヾ(●^▽^●)ノ

Also, this is a cake-pop that I ate some days ago. It was small but very thick (*・ω・*)!!


Japanese food and Yuuki's replies ☆

Yesterday I went for the first time to a restaurant called Rio with some university friends, Marina and Anna. This place is an okonomiyaki restaurant located in Barcelona(^ω^)

They had Osaka style and Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. I ordered the Osaka style one with bacon ♪(^▽^)☆

Then we went to Akashi Gallery. I ate taiyaki and matcha furoto\(^o^)/ It was a nice day ヽ(^ω^)ノ♪


Today I got two replies from Yuuki of An Cafe! As he went to a friend’s wedding, I asked him about the wedding and he told me that it had been very nice and he got moved. I also asked him about his school graduation and he told me his memories about it. I was very happy! o(≧∀≦)o