Maid Cafe with Harajuku Kids!! ☆

Last Friday Junnyan asked me if I wanted to go to a maid café with some nice people and of course I answered yes! \(^o^)/ In fact, a girl who really likes maid cafés would go back home the next day so it was a farewell party! ☆

For me it was the first time there and I ahve to say that I had a great time!!! I chose the dessert set and I ordered a parfait and a matcha latte ♪

Two maids sang and danced the song Happy Happy Morning♪ I also got a cheki taken with a maid! I chose Kitsune, the girl that had been talking to us o(^▽^)o As it was my first time there I got a point card, too!

Thank you!!! I had a great night with all of you *\(^o^)/*


I met Mandy! o(≧∀≦)o

Last Friday I met a friend from Twitter called Mandy and her mother for the first time! o(≧∀≦)o

We went to Noa Café and we ate some waffles there ☆ She also gave me some sweets from Brazil♪!

Afterwards, we took some purikura together and we went shopping *\(^o^)/*


It was a very nice day! ♪ Thank you!!! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪


Tokyo Walk (*≧▽≦*)

Last Sunday Junnyan invited me to a Tokyo Walk (*≧▽≦*) I was glad to meet him after a long time and I was also very happy to meet his nice friends! \(^o^)/

We met in Asakusa and we ate some very yummy anmitsu ♪

Afterwards, we went to Tokyo Skytree and we bought delicious matcha ice-creams ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

After having a picnic, we went to Akihabara and we had a great time there, too! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

It was a very nice day!!! Thank you very much (●´∀`●)


I'm in Japan!! My new apartment in Tokyo ☆

Hello!!!!☆ I’ve come back |・ω・ )/ Last Saturday I moved to Japan and since then I’ve been so busy every day (・口・) As I had to go to university the day after I arrived there and I also had to do all the things related to moving to a new country, it was impossible for me to write a new entry until today (゚ω゚;) haha
お久しぶり〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!ただいま〜|・ω・ )/w 先週の土曜日に日本に着いてから毎日めっちゃ忙しくて今までブログが書けなかった(・口・)着いたら授業はすぐに始まったし、引っ越しに関係する用事もしな ければならなかったし、それで時間がなかった(゚ω゚;)w

My mother came with me and stayed in Japan for 1 week! She helped me a lot and I’m very thankful to her (*^ω^*) Unfortunately she has already gone back to Barcelona (´;ω;`) We have a very good relationship so I’m going to miss her very much!!
母は私と一緒に1週間で日本にいたよ☆!毎日手伝ってくれた!!本当にありがとう (*^ω^*)残念ながら母はもうバルセロナに帰ったよ(´;ω;`)いつも母と仲良くしているので、今とても寂しい!!

I would like to show you some photos of my new apartment (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) It’s very small but I really like how it looks now! *\(^o^)/*