Salón del Manga☆

NYAPPY HALLOWEEN!!o(≧∀≦)o Last Saturday I went to Salón del Manga. This is the seifuku I wore↓☆
ニャッピーハロウィン!!o(≧∀≦)o先週の土曜日にSalon del Mangaへ行った。この制服を着た↓☆

As every year, the queue to get into the event was very long. That's why the buildings where Salón del Manga was celebrated are going to change next year. It is going to be moved to a bigger venue.

These are some photos I took inside the biggest building of the event☆

My friend from university, Anna and me☆↑↑↑. She was working in this booth about idols↓ (^∇^)
大学の友達のアンナちゃんとこの写真を撮った☆↑↑↑アンアちゃんはSalón del Mangaのアイドルの売店で働いた↓ (^∇^)

Some good food was also sold in the event. I bought a matcha mochi and then, strawberries with chocolate!↓ (●´∀`●)

イベントの中に甘い食べ物が売れていた☆あたしは抹茶の餅と苺withチョコレートを買ったよ↓ (●´∀`●)

I met some more friends and we took some photos together o(^O^)o For example, this one with Natàlia↓☆

and this one with Ida and Helena↓☆

I also met Marina↓☆

I met Nuria, too. She had been selling some stuff on Facebook and I told her that I wanted to buy one of her skirts. I was going to pay for it to her in the event but when I saw her she insisted on giving it to me for free (*;ω;*)!! Thank you!!☆
ヌーリアちゃんとも会った。イベントの前にFacebookでヌーリアちゃんは色々な物を売っていて、あたしはヌーリアちゃんにスカートを買いたいと言った。でもSalón del Mangaでヌーリアちゃんに無料にスカートをもらった!あたしはスカートを払いたかったけどヌーリアちゃんは「いいえ!!(*`θ´*)プレゼントですよ!!!(*`θ´*)」と言った(´・ω・`)笑。ありがとうございました(*;ω;*)

The skirt↓

I got a photo with Chopper \(^o^)/haha

One Piece time!!♪♪♪

Finally, this is what I bought in this Salón del Manga★
これはSalón del Mangaで買った物です★

See you next year, Salón del Manga!(・ω・)ノシ
楽しかったよ!またね、Salón del Manga (・ω・)ノシ



Hello!!These days I'm quite busy because of exams and this kind of stuff but I'm going to Salón del Manga next Saturday (o゚▽゚)o
最近忙しい><色んな試験や宿題があるんですよ〜!でも今週の土曜日Salon del Mangaのイベントに行く☆ワ~イ(o゚▽゚)o

I already have my ticket☆ This event is a very important convention of Japan in Spain. It's focussed on anime and manga but you can also find more things there that are related to Japan. I go there every year. This year I'm going to wear a seifuku(・∀・)
もうSalón del Mangaのチケットを買った☆スペインの一番大切なアニメのイベントです。アニメと漫画のイベントですけど、実は日本のファッションや食べ物もある。だからとても楽しくて面白い☆あたしは毎年行く。今年制服を着る(・∀・)楽しみです♪♪

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Now I would like to show you what I got from UFO catcher this summer in Japan. Do you know UFO catcher?☆ I think it's pretty easy to fall in this temptation in Japan because there are very cute toys and figures you can get ((((((ノ゚⊿゚)ノ(笑) Are you good at UFO catcher? (・ω・)

And this is what I got (●´ω`●)


Noa Cafe☆

This summer, in Japan, my mother and I had lunch in a café in Harajuku. It was called Noa Cafe. We had waffles with iced latte☆ Yeah, it was a sweet lunch (*´θ`*)
夏休みに母と原宿のNOA CAFEで食事をした。アイスラテワッフルを食べた〜☆甘い昼ご飯だったよ(*´θ`*)


☆VIP tickets☆

This week VIP tickets for kanon×kanon were sold and I could get mine!!(*`・v・´*) So happy!!(*´∀`*) In fact there are only 10 VIP tickets for each concert so I was very lucky to buy them before they got sold out. I already said so but I'm going to the London show! It seems that with the VIP tickets I'm going to be able to meet kanon×kanon in a Tea Party where snacks and drinks will be served and I will also receive some kind of present. Moreover, people with VIP tickets are going to get an early enter to the concert hall. Seriously, I can't wait!!(*>ω<*)
今週kanon×kanonのVIPチケットを買ったよ!!(*`・v・´*)めっちゃ嬉しい(*´∀`*)実はロンドンのライブのためにVIPチケットは10しかなかった。それで早くSOLD OUTになったけど、あたしはVIPチケットが買えたよ!やった!VIPチケットを買った人はティーパーティーに行ったり、kanon×kanonと会ったりします。それに早くライブハウスに入れる☆本当に楽しみにしてます!(*>ω<*)


Here I leave some photos of last Sunday, when my mother and I went to McDonalds (^ω^)