USTREAM! Teruki&Ryu

I will try to write some phrases in Japanese from now on but they won't be accurate translations because I don't even know how to do it haha! I'll do many mistakes, I'm sorry m(_ _;)m
今からブログで日本語で要約を書きます。私の日本語はへたですから、常に間違える...ごめんなさい m(_ _;)m

Today was a super awesome day!!!

In the evening I read on Twitter that Teruki was in Nagoya with Ryu, Mitsuki and Minami. They were all eating somewhere. I wrote a tweet to them and Minami and Mitsuki replied to me!! (〃゚∇゚〃)

Then, Teruki wrote that he was going to spent that night at Ryu's home. Some cafekko (me too!) strarted saying to Ryu and Teruki that an Ustream would be a good idea and...in the end...THEY DID IT! WAAA! ヾ(゚д゚*三*゚д゚)ノ I was so happy!! (*/////∇/////*) I couldn't believe it! Teruki and Ryu were right there! (///ω///)

In fact, they did the Ustream at the same time that I had to go to English classes but I didn't go...hahaha! I'm sorry!(*´ε` *) It's just today, ok? This Ustream was very important for me! Well, so, I wrote on the Ustream "I haven't gone to English classes but I'm very happy!!" in Japanese and then... Ryu said that "Sarah-san" waaa!!(* ´Д゜*) and Teruki read my message!! waaaaaaa! (/д\*))((*/Д\) Then they said something about Spain and Sakurai. 

USTは英語のクラスの時でした。だから行きませんでした!ww ごめんね(*´ε` *) このUSTはとても重要なことでしたよー!USTでこれを書きました← 「今日英語のクラスに行きませんでした。でもとても嬉しいですw 」。それから輝喜さんとリュウさんは私のメッセジを読みました (/д\*))((*/Д\) 嬉しい!!あのモーメントが大好きです

I WANT TO IMPROVE MY JAPANESE (;_;) . I couldn't understand most of the stuff they were saying. They spoke so quickly and I my level of Japanese is still very poor orz. Sometimes, people said something in Japanese (that I already know) but they say it so fast and I can't "catch" it... well, I think that I'll be able to improve my "hearing" with the pass of the time because it was the same with English and I have been improving it during the years, too (*゚ー゚) (even though I still don't understand some things, either!) 

日本語を改善したい!!!(;_;) 頑張ります (*゚ー゚)

Well, I was very happy!! Ryu and Teruki, why are you so cute and awesome?! WHY?! hahaha ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ
とても幸せでした!輝喜さんとリュウさん、どうしてとってもキュートですか?! どうして?!(笑)ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ

Well, then they spoke about a lot of things. They spoke about An Cafe, idols, anime... but I could only understand single words and easy sentences so it was difficult to write comments with some sense...

Then Teruki said "gracias" but I couldn't listen to it (;A;)!! because at that moment my Internet stopped working. Stupid Internet!(#`ε´# ) but then that had a good side haha! because I wrote in Japanese "I couldn't heard "gracias". I didn't have Internet" and Ryu said again "Sarah-san!" and Teruki read my comment once again and the laughed a little (人*´∀`) I was so happy.
輝喜さんは「gracias」をいいました。でも聞きませんでした!(;A;) あのモーメントにインターネットがありませんでした(#`ε´# ) それからUSTでこれを書きました。そして輝喜さんとリュウさんは私のメッセジを読みました(人*´∀`)。

 I feel so full of luck!! This is my nyappy destiny☆:*・゚(●´∀`●) 



  1. No publicas en spanish?? Bueno, la verdad es que ese fue el primer ustream que vi ^w^" hehehe Pero me gusto mucho, Teruki-san leyo mi comentario y me respondio, me senti muy feliz *w* Mi japones tambien es malo y creo que entendi como tu hahahaha unas cuantas palabras y oraciones xD (mas porque mis hermanitas no me dejaban oir >_>)

  2. NYAPPYo(≧∀≦)o



  3. i'm full of envy xD nyappy !~!!


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