Thank you Kanon☆★☆!

Yesterday Kanon replied to me on Twitter again♥!!
Thank you Kanon☆★☆♥! You made me SO HAPPY♥!!!!! (人*´∀`)

I said to him that I had commented Teruki's blog (he had written about Evangelion) and I asked him if he had watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Laganna and Otaku no Video (both of them are by GAINAX, like Evangelion).

He replied to me something like that he had watched them and they had impressed him.

Thank you Kanon★☆♥! (*≧∀≦*)


☆my mobile phone☆

This is my mobile phone☆! In fact, I took this photo months ago but it looks exactly the same now (・ω・)

As you can see, I put some cute stickers on the front part and a sticker of Teruki♥ (*´ω`*) on the back part. There's also a sticker of Takashi Murakami's flower design on the back.

There're two straps of An Cafe(*´∀`*). The one that has all An Cafe plushies was a present from my parents and I bought the other one in Nippon Budokan concert.

I really like my mobile phone! \(*^▽^*)/

What does yours look like★?



Yesterday my parents and I went to Barcelona. I bought some things in Claire's  

Some arm warmers
Some pink tights
Some fake eyelashes. These are my first fake eyelashes! I don't think that they have a very good quality but I don't mind haha (*´ω`*)

I think that Claire's is the only shop that you cand find in Takeshita street and also in Spain. It would be great that there was a magic door that communicated all Claire's in the world (・ω・)



Today my mother cooked noodles for lunch☆

They were very tasty! (*´ω`*)

Do you like noodles? (・ω・)



Some time ago a bought 3 Kera and 2 Cure from a cafekko. They were secondhand so they were also very cheap! They arrived today~~☆

An Cafe's old times! (*´ω`*)



Today we started "real classes" \(^o^)/! We did geography of Asia and Japanese. In fact, we didn't do the whole class of Japanese because the 2nd course students had to explain some things to us.

In geography class, the teacher did an introduccion of the subject. He told us the exam dates and all this stuff. I remember when we were reading something and the teacher asked us: "who didn't know that Taipei is in Taiwan?" and I was thinking: "Thank you Teruki (*´ω`*) !" hahaha (for those who don't know it, Teruki spent his holidays in Taiwan so I learnt some things about it while I was reading his tweets and his blog (^∀^) haha).

Then, we did Japanese. It was also an introduccion. The teacher told us that we will have to buy Minna no Nihongo and Basic Kanji Book. He also said that we had to study hiragana for next Monday. I'm so happy that I already learnt it last year!

My Japanese is very bad now! but I know a few things (like hiragana, for example)... but I'll study it anyway for next Monday because it's always useful to study it again, isn't it? (・ω・)



Today I started university☆! In fact, real classes don't start until Wednesday but they explained to us some things about our degree and our university (They said that there is a club of otakus haha, so cool). I met my classmates again. They are very friendly!ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

The bad thing was that Teruki's concert with the bullet was being shown online while I was in the university...but...I COULD WATCH IT ANYWAY! HAHA (`∀´)! Of course, I had searched a program that could record that type of things. My father recorded the video while I was in the university. I watched it when I got home~~

OMG!(*´ω`*) Look at him!(o´∀`o) He's so adorable~~ and he brought Bonds towel to the concert! ♥♥♥ (*´0` *) Teruki, it's impossible not to love you♥!



Today, when I was in the train, I saw a boy who also wore Visual kei style. He really surpised me because I don't usually see people who wear Japanese fashion styles (except in concerts and events) in this country. He was cool! (・∀・)

My outfit

T-shirt・・・・・★Vivienne Westood
Jacket・・・・・★SEX POT ReVeNGe
Trousers・・・・・★SEX POT ReVeNGe
Accesories・・・・・★An Cafe, Listen Flavor, Toki Doki, San-X, Claire's...



Today I went to buy food with my mother. We always go shopping on Thursday morning to buy food for the rest of the days until next Thursday haha. Today was the last day that I went to buy food with my mother until Christmas holidays because next Monday I'm starting university☆!! I'm so excited about it! 0(^ω^)0

Today we bought the food that we usually buy but we also bought some macarons★! They are so cute! (*´ー`*)

An Cafe's aroma★

Two entries on the same day! (I'm sorry! haha)(●´∀`●)

A cafekko from Japan asked me how Takuya's aroma was because she had seen the photo of the Meet&Greet .

I think that it's a good question because An Cafe's aroma is something that you can't know unless they are very close to you (and it's a little difficult to smell it in concerts because there are a lot of cafekko around you). So, I believe that you can only "smell" An Cafe's aroma if you meet them in a Meet&Greet or in the street.

In fact, An Cafe's smell shocked me a lot! I hadn't thought about it until I was in the Meet&Greet and I could smell it. Their aroma is like cigarettes and men's perfume! Yeah, I know that Teruki doesn't smoke but An Cafe's smell is like cigarettes and men's perfume anyway hahaha (*´∀`*)

I usually don't like this kind of smells but I really loved it on An Cafe! I felt that that was the aroma of an indie-punk-rock-visual kei band of bad boys haha! Their smell was like bad boys' aroma but at the same time they were so sweet and kind. I thought that it was very sexy haha (*/∇\*)

Nyappy birthday Bou☆


Nyappy birthday Bou!
Cafekko will always love you




I'm SO HAPPY♥♥♥!! Kanon replied to me on Twitter again! I can't believe it♥ (;____;)

I said to him that I was watching the Meet&Greet of the Disc1 of Nippon Budokan DVD. I also said that those cafekko must have been so happy and that I had been also very happy in the Meet&Greet in Spain last year.

He replied to me something like "keep watching the DVD please. Your Japanese has improved". Aah♥! I'm so happy♥!! This last sentence is like: "I can see your improvement!", he has noticed it! I'm VERY happy♥♥♥♥♥♥ (;_;)


Limited Edition☆

Today I want to write about limited edition items. When I buy An Cafe stuff I always prefer limited edition versions! They always come with some extra things, like a postcard, a sticker or even a DVD☆! I know that "limited edition" is something that was created to make fans spend more money in goods~~ but...I can't stop loving limited edition stuff when it comes to An Cafe goods~~ haha (*´ω`*)

Do you like limited edition stuff★?



Today my family and I had lunch in a self-service restaurant. It was my second time there. There was Asian and Western food. This is some of the food that I ate: Chinese bread, noddles, octopus and croquettes. I ate more food but I didn't take more photos haha, sorry (*´▽`)

Anyway, I was a little sad. I coudn't see Kanon on Nico Nico because I was in the restaurant at that time... (´;д;`)


☆Lovely memories☆

Some time ago I wrote about my An Cafe diary (<- click these words to read that entry)
As I said, I keep pictures and photos of my memories related to An Cafe in that diary that I bought in Nippon Budokan concert☆

Now, I have a lot of memories in it! Concerts, tweets...

I thought that it would be good idea to put some stickers, too. Now it looks more cute★!

It's nice to have a diary like this because you only have to take a look to feel so happy(*´▽`)

I hope I can add more memories in my diary in the future! (*´ω`*)



Today I went to Barcelona and I spent the day with my friend Ida (・∀・)

We went shopping, we made some purikura, we went to a Starbucks... ( ´▽`)

We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant. It was very tasty☆!

It has been a very nice day~~★

I only bought one thing. It's a K-ON badge (*´∀`)


Nippon Budokan DVD★☆★☆

My An Cafe DVD of Nippon Budokan concert arrived today★☆★☆!!!
NYAPPY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! o(≧∀≦)o

It's AWESOME! I spent most of the day watching it (●´∀`●)

As you know, there are three discs. In the first one there is a documentary and a PV of the song YOU and in the second and third ones there is Nippon Budokan concert. There is also a sticker~~

My mother and I appear many times★!! I took some pictures of Bonds-Kizuna- and the end of the concert. We appear in two more songs (at least!) but I still haven't taken photos of them. These are only some of them (click on them to see them bigger~~) -In some photos my faces are really weird but I don't mind! HAHAHA! I'm so happy☆!!-









Yesterday I watched episode 22 of K-ON♪ I really like this anime! I started watching it because the band of this anime wanted to play at Nippon Budokan, like An Cafe!

Then, Teruki also started watching K-ON and that made me so happy~~! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

K-ON is lovely~~☆! It would be great if there was a 3rd season... (>_<)

Do you like K-ON? (。・ω・。)


☆My shoes☆

Today I want to show you my shoes★! These are almost all my shoes

White Dr.Martens with black stars: I bought them in OIOI ONE (Tokyo) last summer. I love them! (*´∀`*)

Pink Dr.Martens: I bought them in Camden Lock (London) this summer.

Black boots: I bought them in Ireland years ago.

Tartan boots: They were a present from my parents.

Pink and Black Converse All Star: They are very comfortable!

Pink zebra sneakers: They were very cheap.

Black&white creepers: I really like creepers! (●´∀`●) They are quite heavy but I wear them a lot.

Pink leopard TUK: They are like creepers but they don't have platform so they aren't heavy~~

Black shoes: I don't use them very much but they are nice!

Patent leather shoes: I only use them when I wear loose socks

White&pink sneakers: I only use them for sport (but I don't do many sport activities...)

Pink crocs: I use them as slippers so I wear them at home (*´・ω・`*)


Thank you Kanon! (●´∀`●)

Today Kanon replied to me on Twitter! I'm SO NYAPPY!! ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)

I asked him what his favourite ice cream was and I told him that my favourite flavours were matcha and chocolate.

He replied to me that he liked matcha☆!

Thank you Kanon★! You made me very happy~~! (*´∀`*)


Yesterday my parents and I went to university. We wanted see all the journey that I'll do every day from home to university. In fact, I'm going to start university on the 20th of this month! My parents came with me yesterday but from the 20th I'll have to do it alone (*´・ω・`*). I'll have to travel by train and sometimes also by bus every day but I'm happy because I'll be studying lots of interesting things (´∀`●)

I'm going to study East Asian Studies (Japanese). During the first semester of the first year I'm going to study:

History of Asia
Geography of Asia

I think that all subjects will be very interesting but I also believe that Japanese will be my favourite one☆

We're going to be the second generation of this degree in Spain. I feel like Azunyan hahaha (^*´ω`*^)


☆Nippon Budokan DVD☆


Japan Discoveries sent me the An Cafe DVD of Nippon Budokan LIVE today!
That means that my DVD is coming!
I'm so exited~~゜+。:..:。+゜ (´∀`)
I can't wait o(≧∀≦)o