☆A day in Barcelona★

Last Saturday I went to Barcelona with my mother. We spent the day visiting different places, eating delicious food and I also could buy some things. It was an enjoyable day \(^O^)/ 

We went to a cupcake shop. I wanted to buy something but I didn’t because at that time we still had to go to many other places, so I thought that the cupcakes might get spoiled by the time we arrived at home (;o;) Anyway, everything looked so yummy so I’ll try to buy something next time (*^▽^*) The shop is called “The cake’s Garden” and it is in Carrer Petritxol. 
「The cake’s Garden」のカップケーキお店に行った。何か買いたかったのに、まだ色々な場所に行きたかったので、何も買わなかった(泣)あの時に買えば、帰宅した時に多分カップケーキの調子が悪くなったかもしれないと思ったんですから><でも全部は美味しそうだったよね☆また行ったら、何か買ってみたい(*^▽^*)このお店はバルセロナのCarrer Petritxolにある。

A classmate from university told me about a supermarket where anko was available. I really like anko so I went to buy it☆ Actually, I didn’t go to the supermarket that the classmate had told me but I could find anko in another one (・∀・) In fact, it isn’t anko, it’s yude azuki. However, I don’t know the difference between anko and yude azuki haha(?) I want to taste it soon. Then, I’ll try to write my opinion about it on the blog☆ 

 I also bught this T-shirt☆ It was very cheap! (○ゝω・○) It only cost 3 euros☆ 



Hello everyone☆ Next month I’ll finish classes and start summer holidays (^ω^) That’s why I’m busy but it’s ok!☆I’ll do y best and then, holidays! \(^O^)/

An Cafe is recording their new CD☆ Waa, I want to listen to their new songs soon♪♪ I’m looking forward to it o(≧∀≦)o!!!


Japanese school☆

There’s a Japanese school near university. This school is like the ones in Japan. Last Thursday I went there with some classmates and our teacher. It was very cool (´▽`) I couldn’t take a lot of photos so I also used some of the ones Chihiro took. 

The students of the Japanese school taught us a lot of things. We did the tea ceremony, kendo, origami, we played taiko and more (。・ω・。) Moreover, we ate some very good Japanese food☆ 

Everyone was very kind to us☆ Also, I received these presents (*´ω`) 

It was a very nice day. Thank you! +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚ 


Gets and presents☆

This is what arrived some days ago☆I bought two necklaces from the brand Cute Can Kill. Moreover, I received this nice strap for free☆ This cute brand is from an Italian girl called Lila. However, even if you don’t live in Italy, you can buy her products on her web. In fact, this is what I did (^ω^)→ http://www.cutecankill.com/en/index.htm Everything is so cute so it gets sold out very quickly. That’s why I recommend you that if you want to buy something, you do it soon (b゚v`*) 
この間着いた物はこれですよ☆Cute Can Killのネックレスを二つ買った。それにこの素敵なストラップを無料でもらった☆Cute Can Killはリラさんという女の子のめっちゃ可愛いブランドです。イタリア製ですけど、イタリアに住んでいない場合は、サイトで買える。実は私はサイトでこのネックレスを買った(^ω^)→ http://www.cutecankill.com/en/index.htm 全部は本当に可愛いので、早くSOLD OUTになる。だから何か買いたいなら、早く買ったほうがいいと思う(b゚v`*)

Then I would like to show you some presents I’ve received. First, my mother bought me these nice shorts☆ I think the star design is very nice (*´∀`*) 

 Also, Virgina, from university, gave me this item. It’s so cute, isn’t it? (´∀`★)。+.。♪ It’s a hair accesory, but it I think it can also be worn as a bracelet (。・ω・。) 
そして大学のビルヒニアちゃんにこれをもらった。可愛いね(´∀`★)。+.。♪ ヘアアクセサリーですけど、ブレスレットみたいので、手首にも置けると思う(。・ω・。)


Frozen yogurt☆

Last week I ate frozen yogurt for the first time. It was very yummy!! (n´―`n) Have you eaten frozen yogurt? ☆

Some days ago I bought something on the Internet and today it has arrived☆It’s very cute!! I'll talk about it next time (*^o^*)


Outfits and more☆

Hello! (^O^)☆These are some outfits (*・ω・)・。゜・★ 

The 30th April 2012 it was the 5th anniversary of Bou’s last LIVE, HIBIYA ON☆THE☆O NEW SEKAI. I became a cafekko when Bou was still in the band but I couldn’t attend any of his concerts><Anyway, I really like Takuya and Yuuki, too! I love all An Cafe members. It would be great if one day the 6 members held a concert together…><I couldn’t go to Bou’s last live but I could to Nippon Budokan. I think that concert was very important because it was An Cafe’s goal. It was also Bou’s dream. Moreover, it was “the wedding” between An Cafe and cafekko. There were a lot of friends at that LIVE but I still didn’t know a lot of them! (・ω・) hahaha☆ I think that that day An Cafe and cafekko’s BondS became stronger o(≧∀≦)o From now on let’s make our BondS even stronger!☆
2012年4月30日はHIBIYA ON ☆ザ☆ 御NEW世界のライブの誕生日だった。もう5年経ったね。私はカフェっ仔になったとき、アンカフェのギタリストはまだ坊くんだったのに、坊くんのライブに行けなかった。残念ですね。でもtakuyaさんとゆうきさんも大好きですよ。アンカフェのみんなが大好きです☆もしいつかアンカフェの全員(6人)は一緒にライブをしたら、いいですね…><坊くんの卒業ライブに行けなかったけど、日本武道館のライブに行けた☆だからすごく嬉しいよ。日本武道館のライブはとても大切だったと思う。アンカフェの夢だったから。6人の夢だったね☆それにアンカフェとカフェっ仔の結婚式だった。本当に素敵だったよね。そしてあのライブに友達はたくさんいたけど、あのときにまだ友達になっていなかった(・ω・)笑☆あの日にアンカフェとカフェっ仔の絆は強くなったと信じるよo(≧∀≦)oこれからも絆を強くしましょうね☆



Last Saturday I went to an event called Salón del Cómic with Mariona and Ida (*^0^*)/ 

Ida and me↑

Mariona and me↑

There were various stalls with comics and merchandise. I think one of the nicest was the one that had Japanese food. I didn’t buy anything but everything looked good and yummy ( ´∀` ) 
イベントの中には色んな店があった。世界中の漫画やグッズは売られた。でも多分これが一番素敵な店だったと思う。この店には日本のお菓子や飲み物があった。私は何も買わなかったのに、写真を撮った。全部は美味しそうね( ´∀` )

 Then we went to a shopping centre that was near the event. We had lunch there, at a UDON restaurant. Mariona and Ida ate katsudon and I ate tempura udon (^ω^) 

 Afterwards we went back to the event and I met Natàlia (^O^)☆

In the afternoon Mariona, Ida and I decided to go to the centre of Barcelona. Some days ago I had seen a little”tea house” that sells Bubble Tea, mochi, Hong Kong style waffles, ice creams and more. I told my friends about this place. We really wanted to go there because it’s the first time we saw a place where we can buy Bubble Tea. Mariona and I bought matcha ones. I really liked it! (*´ω`*) I want to go there again someday☆ By the way, this place is called YUMCHA. You should go there if you can go to Barcelona! (b゚v`*) 

 Finally we went to Madame Chocolat. I bought this very nice ring (*´艸`*) In fact, I saw a lot of nice things on Saturday but recently I’m trying to save money so I try not to spend a lot. I think I’m doing it quite well! (p*'∀`*q) ahaha 
それからMadame Chocolatの店に行って、この素敵なリングを買っちゃった(*´艸`*)実は先週の土曜日に素敵な物をたくさん見たのに、このリングだけ買った。最近一所懸命貯金してるんですから(p*'∀`*q) 頑張ってます☆

It was a nice day☆



Hello, how are you? ☆ Since last update a lot of good things have happened (^∀^) For example, my grandfather has been discharged from the hospital, so I’m happy (^^) Health is very important, isn’t it? If you have good health, you can do anything! So, everyone, take care, please o(≧∀≦)o 

 This is how I did my nails ☆

 Tomorrow I’m going to an event with some friends. I’m looking forward to it (´∇`)♪


GIVEAWAY winner☆

The GIVEAWAY has ended☆Everyone, thanks for participating m(_ _)m and the winner is……………Mandy!!! 
♪。+。(☆´ ω`)【。゚Congrats!!!☆+.】(´ω`★)。+.。♪
 Mandy, I’ve sent you an e-mail. Reply to me as soon as possible, please m(_ _)m 
GIVEAWAYは終わったよ〜☆皆さん、参加してくれてありがとうございましたm(_ _)m そして勝者は……………マンディちゃんです!!! 
♪。+。(☆´ ω`)【。゚おめでとう〜☆+.】(´ω`★)。+.。♪
 マンディちゃん、メールを送った。早く返信してくださいm(_ _)m 

 .☆.・∴.・∵☆:*・∵.:*・☆.☆.。.:*,★ : 

 April has been a very intense month. There have been good and not so good things. I’ve laughed, cried, been worried and been relieved (*-θ-*) There have been good things, so I’m happy. About the bad ones, I believe they’ll turn into better ones! So I have to continue doing my best happily (`・ω・´)More things are supposed to happened in May too, so I’m looking forward to them (*^θ^*)/ 

 I caught a cold but I’m fine now (*^O^*)