☆Salon del Manga☆

Today it has been my first day in Salon del Manga and it has been SO COOL! ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ
My parents and I have got there at about 10:15  and after queueing, we have got into the venue at 11:00.

My friends were waiting for me inside the buliding. My friend Ida had told me to go to the stairs (because she was there). When I saw my friends I said goodbye to my parents and I also said to my mother: please, phone me if you see Sakurai! (yes, Sakurai is An Cafe's friend, you know).

Then, I went up the stairs and I met my friends but... just 2 minutes later my mother called me and told me: COME! SAKURAI IS HERE! and I was like: WHAT(;゚□゚)?! I just went down the stairs as quickly as I could ε=ε=ε=┏(゚ロ゚;)┛
My mother had been talking to him while I was upstairs trying to say if he could wait for a moment because I wanted to meet him but Sakurai didn't understand English (and his translator didn't know words such as "cafekko"). Finally, my mother started saying: cafekko, An Cafe, Budokan... And then, Sakurai told my mother: AAAAAH! SARAH NYAPPY! (OMG he said my Twitter name and my mother hadn't even said "Sarah" anytime. He knew who I was! OMG OMG OMG OMG)

When I arrived there Sakurai was very happy and he said: SARAH NYAPPY! (again! haha) and he hugged me!(^▽^)/\(^▽^) He introduced me to his friends and he took a photo of my friend Ida and myself! Then he told me about his panel on Monday (I had already told him that I would go on Twitter) and he said that there would be some images of Kanon, Yuuki and Teruki! Then he said: NYAPPYYYYYYYYYY! *while he was making the nyappy symbol with his hands*. He is so kind (;_;)

 Sakurai and me!

Then I met him again in Tokyo Kawaii Magazine stall and his friend showed me a photoshoot of Kanon (in Tokyo Kawaii Magazine) on his iPhone! and they suggested me to buy the magazine (it is an on-line magazine for iPod touch and iPhone). I showed Sakurai a mobile phone holder of An Cafe that I had bought there, and he said: ooooh! orudo (old) An Cafe! (because it was a photo of Bou's times) haha! so cool! Sakurai is so nice, really!(^ω^)

The rest of the day was calmer haha and I bought many cute things☆!! We had lunch in Burger King and as we were leaving the place, I saw Sakurai's friends and I waved them and they waved me back. They were very kind, too! (´∀`)

I'm so happy(●´∪`)!!!!!!! and I can't wait until Monday. I really want to go to Sakurai's panel and listen to his lecture and also see An Cafe's images/video o(≧∀≦)o

And these are the things that I bought!

☆An Cafe cushion
☆An Cafe mouse pad
☆An Cafe mobile phone holder
☆Ritsu plushie
☆Cute pen (in fact this pen was inside a happy bag but the other things were so ugly so I haven't included them in the photo haha)
☆My parents bought me an An Cafe mug and An Cafe badges! thank you!!


  1. Com t'atreveixes a posar aquella foto

  2. me encantaron las cositas que te compraste (L)

  3. Me gusta mucho como te quedo el cosplay de Teruki :)
    Adoro la taza <3

  4. Que chulas las cositas que compraste OwO!, yo el sabado me compre un poster ^-^


  5. You really are obsessed with An Cafe aren't you? (^O^) Sakurai is a cute guy hahaha! XDXD

    Anyway, happy Halloween to you Sarah Nyappy! (^_~)

  6. I'm jealous again.
    Well, I love your Teruki cosplay!!
    Many times I've said it?
    However, I was surprised, because you said, that Sakurai doesn't speak English!
    I was sure, that he can speak English.
    But he has translator !!
    And he is An Cafe's friend? Hmm...

  7. The pillow brings back a lot of memories ... ;_; <33 Glad you had a lot of fun!

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