Do your best!☆

My Mac got broken down again! (´д`lll) It was the hard-drive once again. The Mac itself worked very well but it was constantly failing in this way. We took the Mac to Apple store and the staff said that we could change the computer! So now I have a MacBook Pro and I'm very happy with it!(*^-^)b
この間もう一度Appleのお店に行った。私のMacは大丈夫じゃなかったから。。(´д`lll)悲しかったよ。。でもAppleのスタッフさんはとても親切だったよ。Macを変えた☆そして今MacBook Proを持ってますよ!いいねー(*^-^)b嬉しいよ☆

Yesterday I saw the upstream of Saikin Do and Ryu! o(^▽^)oRyu was their guest☆ It was interesting but I couldn't see the last part because I had to leave. What a pity! (´・ω・`)
昨日Saikin Do x Ryuのユーストを見たo(^▽^)oリュウさんはゲストだった☆面白かったですよ!でも最後を見たことができなかった。残念ですね(´・ω・`)

The beginning of the classes is getting nearer every day! This summer has been so good. When I think about it I feel that I have a lot of power for this new school year(*`・ω・´*) I want to keep learning a lot of things at university and become good at Japanese! I want to go to Japan again and talk to everyone a lot ! This makes me study harder! I'll do my best!(*`・ω・´*)

Some more pictures! (*`ω´*)



Ashley did a tag/test and she delivered it to some bloggers☆ I was one of them! So I'm going to do it now. It's a little difficult (・ω・´;) because I can only choose an object that I own for every question (;´ω`)

★ Your favourite CD ★
★ 好きなCD ★

An Cafe Best Album
I like all An Cafe CDs so that's why I chose their last album, where you can find a little bit of all their work until the hiatus. There's An Cafe with Bou and An Cafe with Takuya and Yuuki.

★ Your favourite DVD ★
★ 好きなDVD ★

「キング オブ 原宿ダンスロック」~いきなりニャッピーレジェンド~
Like the CDs, it was a difficult question because I love all An Cafe DVDs! In the end, I chose Budokan DVD because that live had a very strong meaning in An Cafe and cafekko's history. It was a dream come true and a new promise was made that day, the Summer Dive 20XX o(≧∀≦)o I also chose it because my mother and I appear on it. Some friends that I met later were there and also appear on this DVD.
この質問も難しかったね!アンカフェとカフェっ仔のために日本武道館ライブが本当に大切なライブだと思います。約束だったね。そしてあの日にアンカフェは新しい約束をした、20XX年SUMMER DIVE o(≧∀≦)oあの日に大好きな人はたくさん日本武道館にいたね。そして母とあたしはDVDに出るね!(笑)

★ Your favourite book ★
★ 好きな本 ★

Cafekko Book
I think my favourite book is the Cafekko Book because it's made by cafekko and for cafekko. It's awesome!o(≧∀≦)o

★ Your favourite pair of shoes ★
★ 好きな靴 ★

Dr.Martens with black stars
It's very difficult, too! haha I've chosen the Dr.Martens with black stars!

★ Your favourite shirt ★
★ 好きなTシャツ ★

Kanon x BPN
I like a lot of my T-shirts!! One of my favourite ones is the Kanon x BPN T-shirt. It was pretty difficult to get it though haha (‐^▽^‐)

★ Your favourite notepad ★
★ 好きなノート ★

Purikura notepad
I have several cute notepads but I believe this is my favourite one because there are the purikura that I've had taken here. When I look at them I become happy!(´∀`)

★ Your favourite snack ★
★ 好きなお菓子(スナック) ★

I like a lot of different snacks but I've chosen matcha toppo because they were so yummy!(^ε^)♪

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Today is Yuukikki's birthday!
Nyappy Birthday ゆうきっき〜☆o(≧∀≦)o



Today I want to show you a shop that is in Harajuku. It's called ACDC. In fact, there are a lot ACDC shops around Takeshita. The clothes you can find there are nice and cheap!('-^*)/

This is what I bought in ACDC. Some pants, a bag and a skirt (・∀・)



This week I met Natàlia! We had a nice time chattingヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

↑I took some photos while I was waiting for her haha↑

↓and then I got a photo with her (ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ↓
↓それから一緒に写真を撮った (ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ↓



This summer I could visit the Daibutsu. It was really impressing because it's huge!(・∀・) I didn't take photos of the inside of the Daibutsu but you can see some photos that I took outside☆

We could see a lot of nice things in Kamakura and its surroundings, as Kannon statue, for example. Today I've uploaded these photos but I still have some more to show you☆



I still want to write a lot of things about the days I spent in Japan but today I'm going to show you some pictures from yesterday♪ I met Ida, Marina, Mariona and Chinny (Mariona's friend) in Barcelona. Chinny has come from America and she's spending some days here, in Barcelona (^∇^)

↑With Marina↑

↑With Ida↑

This time we decided to go to a Korean restaurant☆ It was my first time eating Korean food! o(^▽^)oIt was good. I took photos of everyone's food (・ω・)haha

With Marina in the restaurant↓

Then we went to Starbucks ('-^*)/haha