Last Saturday Spark replied to me on Twitter! We didn't say anything very interesting hahaha (・∀・ ;) but I was happy o(≧∀≦)o

He said that he was in a bar drinking wine and I asked him the brand of that wine. He told me that it didn't have a brand. It was from that bar.


Yesterday Ryuu did an Ustream! It was a surprise~~ (●´∀`) I was lucky because I was online at that time so I could watch it. It was a test. There weren't many people online so he could read people's messages. The first time I wrote: Ustream!すごい!ありがとう!(Ustream! Amazing! Thank you) and he replied to me on the Ustream! He said: Sarahさん!日本語。すごい。ありがとうございます!(Sarah! Japanese. Amazing. Thank you very much). I was so happyヽ(゚∀゚*)ノ! He only said those words so I could understand him (^^)

 That Ustream was very cool because Teruki phoned him hahaha(●´∀`) and then Kanon wrote some messages, too! I also said to Ryuu "I have homework but now I can't leave (laughs)" and Ryuu said: Sarahさん。わかりました。。。wwwww ごめん!ごめん!www (Sarah, I understood it (OK)... hahaha I'm sorry, I'm sorry haha) haha, that was cute (*^O^*)


This week I have lots of homework and things to study. Well, the truth is that I always have homework and exams but this week I have even more things to do (*^д^* ;) hahaha. I'll do my best! (●´∀`)ノ

Bye nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o


  1. ahah de nada, pero igual seria yo la gaste dinero en todo caso ..
    igual la carpetatita a mi me salio 18 pesos argentinos que en euros no es nada .

  2. omgg you are so lucky!! I wish someday that happened to me too (:::

  3. How come that you are so nyappy (lucky) :O I want to be that Nyappy (lucky) like you! :3 xD


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