When I went to see An Cafe♥ in ☆Nippon Budokan☆ with my mother I bought some goods and this is one of them

It's a diary~~! I use it to to keep my memories related to An Cafe. I bought a special paper that it's like a sticker and I can print pictures on it. I printed pictures of my memories that I wrote here . I have to print more pictures, I'll do it after exams! (*´ω`*)

Bye nyappy o(≧∀≦)o


☆Cafekko's nyappy days☆

My 1st An Cafe concert 2008-03-27♥Barcelona

My 2nd An Cafe concert 2009-03-28♥Barcelona

An Cafe Meet&Greet 2009-03-28♥Barcelona

Red Cafe 2009-08-11♥Tokyo

I saw Miku through the window of the restaurant where I was having dinner with my parents. We were on the second floor of that building and Miku went away on his bicycle (= I only saw him. I didn't have time to go out into street and say something to him) (・ω・;) 2009-08-15♥Tokyo

Natsu Koi★Natsu Game outfits exhibition 2009-August♥Tokyo

I appeared on Nyappy Go Around The World II movie (it's on Final of Nyappy DVD)

My 3rd An Cafe concert&Nippon Budokan&Bou's promise&An Cafe's last concert before   their hiatus[wedding] 2010-01-04♥Tokyo

I won a present from Nyappy Book contest 2010-May

Teruki mentioned me on his blog 2010-05-06♥

Kanon replied to me on Twitter 2010-05-12♥

Spark retweeted me on Twitter 2010-05-16♥

Kanon replied to me on Twitter 2010-05-20♥

Miku replied to me on Twitter 2010-08-26♥

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I appeared on Nippon Budokan DVD

Kanon replied to me on Twitter 2010-09-14♥

Kanon replied to me on Twitter 2010-09-29♥

Kanon replied to me on Twitter 2010-10-28♥

I met Sakurai in Salon del Manga 2010-10-30☆Barcelona

I went to Sakurai's panel in Salon del Manga 2010-11-01☆Barcelona

Kanon, Teruki, Spark, Ryu, Mitsuki Ustream 2010-11-10♥ 

Spark replied to me on Twitter 2010-11-21☆

Ryu mentioned me on his Ustream 2010-11-22☆

Ryu mentioned me on his Ustream 2010-11-30☆

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Yuuko replied to me on Twitter 2010-12-02☆ 

 Teruki&Ryu USTREAM 2010-12-14♥

cake_002.gifRyu's new Twitter icon 2010-12-20♥
cake_002.gifXmas Ustream 2010-12-24/25♥



SEX POT Tokyo☆

Hi o(≧∀≦)o

I've decided that I'll write about some of my favourite shops. I'll start with SEX POT Tokyo.

SEX POT ReVeNGe is a punk brand. I think that it's sweet and hard at the same time and these 2 elements make this brand a good choice for every Visual Kei fashion lover.

SEX POT has (at least) two shops. I don't know if there are more shops of this brand but I've been only in two of them. Both of them are in Harajuku and they are called SEX POT ReVeNGe and SEX POT Tokyo. The one you can see in the photo is SEX POT Tokyo.

If you have a chance to buy a SEX POT happy bag, do it! I've bought two of them and they're cool. For foreign people that don't live in Japan, it's a good idea to take a look on CDJapan because they sell clothes of this brand.

SEX POT Tokyo is cooler than SEX POt ReVeNGe for me but it's only my opinion hahaha (・ω・)

Do you like this brand?


★ My An Cafe DVD collection★

Some entries ago I wrote about my An Cafe CD collection and today I'm going to write about my An Cafe DVD collection (^∀^) You can see it in this photo:

HIBIYA ON ☆the☆ o NEW sekai (it's the red one) It's Bou's final LIVE. It was a present from my parents. I really wanted this DVD but An Cafe's official online shop wasn't avaliable for overseas so it was very expensive getting things from there. Finally, they opened a shop for foreign cafekkos and I could get this DVD (*´▽`) (and my first Bonds towel!)

Yagai de nyappy (it's next to HIBIYA ON ☆the☆ o NEW sekai) It's very rare and difficult to get! I bought it in Closet Child in Harajuku (Tokyo)

LIVE CAFE 2005 12 03 at SHIBUYA O-EAST (it's next to Yagai de nyappy) It isn't very easy to find either. It was a present from my family, too.

ANCAFESTA'08「SUMMER DIVE」 (it's the yellow one) It's also hard to find now. I bought it in Closet Child, too.

LIVE CAFE・TOUR'08 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD (it's next to ANCAFESTA'08「SUMMER DIVE」) It's the version without subtitles!

FINAL OF NYAPPY - Tokyo Big Sight (it's the last one) It's the last An Cafe DVD I bought!

I hope I'll have more An Cafe DVDs soon o(≧∀≦)o



Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Yesterday I went to Barcelona and I bought this cute t-shirt of Mad Hatter in Claire's (〃゚∇゚〃)



Hi o(≧∀≦)o

Kanon has replied me on Twitter again!

(●´∀`●) My heart says doki♥doki



Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Today I want to talk about cafekkos. Cafekkos are An Cafe's fans and I'm one of them☆!

The truth is that I really like talking to cafekkos because we love An Cafe and we can speak about anything! It's very nice talking about the concerts, great experiences with the band, news of the members of the band, their merchandise and goods... It's just great talking about An Cafe to people who love the band as much as you. Bonds are real (*´`*)!

Anyway, some fans are sometimes angry because a member of An Cafe has replied another cafekko on Twitter or has mentioned another fan on their blog. Envy is a really bad thing! (´~`) Ok, I know that everyone of us wants to have nice memories with An Cafe but being envy it's not the way to get them (‘ロ‘) 

I'm really thankful because of all my experiences related to An Cafe but I'm also happy when another cafekko can enjoy these kind moments♥

Be happy when another cafekko is living a nice moment with An Cafe and pray to get yours! Then, destiny will give you your moment. Just wait, be patient and don't give up☆



Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Today I'll introduce you my dolls! (〃゚∇゚〃)

He's Ichiro!

And she's Pinku!

They are siblings. Ichiro is the oldest and as you can see, he is a very cool guy (laughs). He likes Visual Kei and punk style. He's a guitarrist and he wants to be in a band. Pinku loves Harajuku, cute things and she enjoys going to Visual Kei concerts. She is very proud of her brother☆

Do you like my dolls♥? I would like to have another boy but now I don't have enough money to buy it (laughs) (´▽`;)



Last Friday I finished my last school year in secondary school! but now I have to study for Selectivity exams (laughs) (*´`*;)

My parents gave me some presents! I didn't expect anything so I was very happy when I saw them (*´▽`)

They gave me this beautiful t-shirt of Angry

A pair of super cute long socks

And a very nice ring. It's the one that it's like a heart but I took a photo of all of my sweet rings.

Do you like my presents? I think that they are all so cute♥!

Thanks Spark!

Hi o(≧∀≦)o!!

I'm very happy because Spark has retweeted my tweet! My Good Luck is here again★! (laughs).
Thank you very much Spark!! You're very kind (〃゚∇゚〃)


★My An Cafe CD collection★

Today I'll introduce you my An Cafe CD collection.

First of all, in this photo you can see all my An Cafe CDs

Candy Holic: (the one that has the image of the jelly beans) It was the 1st single of An Cafe! Last summer I bought it in a shop called Closet Child that was in Harajuku . When I saw it in the shop I thought: "It has to be mine!" (laughs) (●´∀`●) because, I don't know, it was their 1st single! It's wonderful.

Komou ~Cosmos~ : (the one next to Candy Holic. It's white) It was the 3rd single of An Cafe so, it is also old. I bought it in Closet Child last summer, too.

Merry Making: (the one next to Komou ~Cosmos~) This is one of the 3 singles that makes the trilogy of Harajuku. Escapism and Tekesuta Kousen are the other ones. If you have all these CDs and you put them together they form the words "An Cafe". I only have "fe" (laughs) but one day I will complete the trilogy! I also bought it in Closet Child last summer. It's so cute! (^∀^)

Shikisai Moment: (it's above Candy Holic) It was a 'Xmas present from 2008. It's so nice! It was a very nice present.

10's Collection March: (it's next to Shikisai Moment) I bought it in Closet Child last January!. That shop is full of treasures (laughs). (*´`*)

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna : (it's next to 10's Collection March) It comes with some cute stickers! It's from Closet Child, too!! (laughs) I bought it last summer.

Ko Akuma USAGI no Koibumi to Machine Gun e.p. : (it's above Smile Ichiban Ii Onna) I bought it on CDJapan (it's a online shop). It comes with a photocopy of the hand-writed lyrics of "My ♥ leaps for you" by Miku.

Gokutama Rock Cafe: (it's next to Ko Akuma USAGI no Koibumi to Machine Gun e.p) This CD and the next one were my 1st An Cafe CDs! I bought them in my first An Cafe concert in Barcelona (27th March 2008) . Moreover, this is my signed An Cafe CD!! The band signed it in the Meet&Greet♥ (*´▽`) where I met them last year! (28th March 2009).

Magna Carta: (it's next to Gokutama Rock Cafe) It was the last album with Bou.

Harajuku Dance Rock: (it's above to Magna Carta) I think that it was only sold in some overseas concerts in their second world tour. So, I bought it in my 2nd An Cafe concert in Barcelona.

Natsu Koi★Natsu Game: (it's next to Harajuku Dance Rock) I bought it one day before the oficial date in Tokyo! (laughs) (〃゚∇゚〃)

BB Parallel World: (it's next to Natsu Koi★Natsu Game) It was the last album of An Cafe before their hiatus. I bought it on the online web called CDJapan.

Do you like them? Every one of my CDs has its own story! (laughs)



I'm so happy! Thank you~~!!

Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Yesterday Kanon replied me on twitter!! (●´∀`●)
I can't believe it! My good luck is super awesome, isn't it?
I'm very happy and thankful♥!!

I had sent him a twit saying:
@studioblue3 Pinky☆Distortion (・∀・) http://twitpic.com/1n8brw

And then he replied me!