Today I'll show you things you need to carry with you to go to an An Cafe concert (or at least, the things that I carry with me! ('∇'*) haha). I've been to 3 An Cafe concerts so far. Two of them have been in Barcelona (Spain) and the other one has been in Nippon Budokan (Tokyo, Japan). The things you have to carry with you are a little different for a concert in a little hall in Spain from a big one in Japan, so I'll make two lists (。・ω・。)b

★Things you need to carry with you to go to an An Cafe concert in Barcelona★

Your concert ticket (of course haha)
Your ID card (it's VERY important! Little halls are +16 in Barcelona so they'll ask you to show them your ID card)
Your Bonds towel (to make the furitsuke during Bonds~Kizuna~)
Money (to buy goods, merchandise / and food)
Your mobile phone (too keep in contact with your friends during the day)
A camera (to take photos with your friends during the day, not inside the concert hall)
A big bag (to carry the goods you would buy and other things such as tissues)
A little bag or a hip pad (You'll probably leave your big bag in the hall wardrobe during the concert, so you'll need a little bag to keep your ID card, concert ticket and some money on you)
An umbrella (in case it rains)


★Things you need to carry with you to go to an An Cafe concert in Nippon Budokan★ (or a big concert hall in Japan)

Your concert ticket (of course haha)
Your Bonds towel (to make the furitsuke during Bonds~Kizuna~)
Money (to buy goods, merchandise / and food)
Your mobile phone (too keep in contact with your friends during the day)
A camera (to take photos with your friends during the day, NOT! inside the concert hall)
A big bag (to carry the goods you would buy and other things such as tissues.You'll be able to keep it with you dring the concert because every person has their own seat and space)
An umbrella (in case it rains)

I usually carry more things with me but these are the most important ones. What things do you carry with you when you go to an An Cafe concert? (・ω・)



This is my cheki album☆. In fact, it's an ordinary album but it's ok to keep my cheki haha (*´・ω・`*)

I added some stickers☆ on the album and now it looks a little more cute (*´ω`*)

I only have two cheki (the ones that I won in the Nyappy Book's contest☆) but I love them ! (*´∀`*)


Do you like cheki☆? Do you collect them★?



Today is Yuuki's birthday★ !



Lots cafekko sang "happy birthday" to Yuuki during An Cafe's first Summer Dive. Now we are waiting for Summer Dive 20XX! (`・ω・´)b



I watched Lc5's first PV and I want to write my opinion about it.

Before this PV I coudn't say if I like Lc5's music or not but now I have an opinion (at least, I have an opinion of their single, "Loveless").

First of all, the PV is so dark but the person that hadn't thought that it would be dark is a little silly (sorry!). I mean, they had a dark look in photos so, all "Lc5's universe" would be like that. It isn't my favourite PV ever but the song isn't bad!

I have a weird feeling because I really like Miku (I love An Cafe!) and I support him but I can't feel the same with the rest of Lc5. I support Miku but I desire An Cafe's return with all my heart (>_<) . When I saw An Cafe for the first time I thought "If I was music instead of a human being, I would be this music!". An Cafe is more than a band for me, I love them as the people they are. I feel bonds with An Cafe and I can't feel the same with any other band. When I see Lc5, I see a part of my beloved band but it's not the same. I love An Cafe and I can't LOVE any other band with all my heart. Anyway, as Miku said, Budokan was our wedding. Budokan was the wedding between An Cafe and cafekko. We'll support each other no matters what because I can't stop loving you, I can't stop loving An Cafe!


Thank you Miku☆! (*´ω`*)

Today Miku replied to me on Twitter!! I'm SUPER NYAPPY~~! o(≧∀≦)o


The truth is that this hiatus is sweeter than I expected☆! I won the prize of Nyappy Book, Teruki mentioned me on his blog, I got 2 replies from Kanon on Twitter and today Miku also replied to me★! (and Spark retweeted one of my tweets, too(^▽^)!). All bad things (like a hiatus) may have a nice side (*´ω`*)! So, let's be nyappy because lots of good things are waiting for us in the future! o(≧∀≦)o



Yesterday I made these dolls of An Cafe using this web: http://www.tiniergoodies.com/dream . I also made a doll of myself ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ! Do you like them? I think they're so cute (*´∀`*)










☆My favourite member of An Cafe☆

My favourite member of An Cafe is Teruki♥! He's very sensitive, his words always touch me; he's very hardworking, humble and nice☆. He can make you laugh with his jokes! It's also true that his smile makes me feel happy. He always wants to be a better person than the day before. Teruki's personality is lovely (and he's also so handsome (*/∇\*)☆)

So, can you tell me who is your favourite member of An Cafe?☆ Write it on a comment please (you can write it anonymously if you want to). Thank you very much!! (・∀・)



Today lots of Japanese cafekko watched Budokan DVD in the cinema! They also saw An Cafe members and Teruki did a MC (*´∀`*)

I wish I had been there... but I was here, in Spain ( ´Д゜). Anyway, I was happy to read all An Cafe and Spark's tweets. I also read tweets of Japanese cafekko that went there.

It's true that being a cafekko in Japan (especially in Tokyo) is much easier than being a cafekko in another country but... I can feel that An Cafe is very close to all cafekko in the world. Our Bonds are stronger every day it passed (●′ω`人′ω`●)

It seems that this love has no limits♥!



Natsu Koi★Natsu Game

Last summer I went to Japan for the first time. On those days there was an exhibition of An Cafe outfits of Natsu Koi★Natsu Game PV at Zeal Link ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

I didn't know where Zeal Link was so my parents and I had to find it♪☆! It was and adventure because first we went to the wrong one! (so, at least, there are two Zeal Link shops haha☆). Anyway, that wasn't bad because the shop-assistant of the first Zeal Link showed me a plushie of an Eiffel Tower and she told me that it had been a present from Teruki for the shop! So I was very happy to see it (*´ー`*)

Finally, we found the Zeal Link where the outfits were being shown! It was on the highest floor of OIOI ONE and now I really love OIOI ONE.

I was so happy. All the outfits were even nicer than in the PV. They were LOVELY♥ (*´・ω・`*)


★Nippon Budokan DVD★

Today I got up at 4:45 in the morning to buy my An Cafe DVD ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ. Red Cafe had said that the DVD would be released at 12:00~ in Japan (5:00 in Spain) but... finally, the DVD was only released on the Japanese shop! There was a message on the overseas shop: "We're sorry, but we can ship the BUDOKAN's live DVD only in Japan."

I was like: what?! ヾ(* ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄A ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄*)ノ

I had got up so early to buy the DVD and then I couldn't. That was so unnyappy ヽ(≧A≦)ノ. Fortunately, Japan Discoveries offered a pre-order of Nippon Budokan DVD so I bought it there☆(ノ゚▽゚)ノ. I only have to wait some days/weeks to have my Nippon Budokan DVD now o(≧∀≦)o nyappy! I've read that Ganshin will release a Nippon Budokan DVD version with subtitles but I really wanted to buy the Japanese version★

I can't wait to watch it o(〃・ω・〃)o


★Have a nice day★

Today I went to Barcelona and I met some friends★! I arrived too early but that was great because I could see a very handsome Asian boy (*/∇\*) while I was waiting for my friends haha (〃⊃ω⊂〃)

Then, my friends arrived. We went shopping and we had lunch in a Japanese restaurant ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

At lunch time I ate takoyaki, yakisoba and a matcha ice cream! It was a very delicious lunch ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

We made some purikura, too~~! \(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/

I bought a Men's Egg magazine and these cool bags of Sex Pistols (○^ω^○)

It has been a very nice day☆! (・∀・)



Today I made this video. I hope you like it! nyappy o(≧∀≦)o


★Hello Kitty backpack★

Today I went shopping with my mother (*´ー`*)

She bought me this cute backpack (★>U<★). I'll use it at university. I'll keep my pencil case, books and more stuff like that in it (●・ω・)

It has a pattern of different cakes and it also has this cute macaroon ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

I added some things to it! An ice cream charm and an An Cafe♥ keyring.

Now it looks more nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

☆What's in my pencil case?☆

What's in my pencil case? (゜∇ ゜)
First of all, I want to show you my pencil case itself. I bought it in my first Miyavi concert (during his first world tour). I've been using it in high school and I'll use it at university as well☆

I bought this donut charm and this Teruki♥ charm (it has a photo of all the band on the other side☆) the first time I went to Japan. The Stitch charm is from the second time I went to Japan (・∀・)

★~The light blue pencil in the middle is the one I usually use. I bought it in Studio Ghibli Museum. I also have that purple pencil in case the one of Totoro doesn't work. Next to this second pencil, there is my tipex.

★~Above the Totoro pencil there is a ruler that has a donut pattern and then, a pen of pink ink.

★~I also have two pens of blue ink. The one that has a tartan design and has the word "PUNK" is the one that I usually use. I have another one that is dark blue in case the other one doesn't work.

★~I bought the One Piece pen in Odaiba. It has black ink.

★~The other two next to the One Piece pen are a random pen of red ink and another black ink one. Next to them there is a thing where I can keep pencil leads and a USB that university have given to all students. All students will have the same, that's why I added a cute charm and a nice sticker to it. This way, I won't lose it.

Look at the pea! It wants to say hello to all my readers! (*`θ´*)

(★ ̄∀ ̄★)



Yestserday, my mum bought me a thing that is like bag where I can keep sandwiches★. I'll use it during my days at university. I'll finish classes at lunch time so I'll be so hungry by then ()´д`(), and my journey from university to home will be quite long. That's why I'll bring a sandwich with me haha ( ^o^)( ^−^)(^〜^)

I added a cute charm of Mount Fuji to it! Can you see it☆? I bought it the first time I went to Japan and I went to see Mount Fuji. In the end, I coudn't see the "typical image" of Mount Fuji because of the fog! (● ´ ε `。●)



Today I decorated my diary for university. It looks so nyappy now! o(≧∀≦)o

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

Ribbon・・・・・★Madame Chocolat
T-shirt・・・・・★An Cafe
Skirt・・・・・★Camden Lock
Bag・・・・・★Listen Flavor
Accesories・・・・・★An Cafe, Listen Flavor, Madame Chocolat...



My parents and I went to Tate Modern while we were in London. There was a place where everyone could draw anything. So, I drew something! (o´ω`o)

Some pictures are shown in Tate Modern but I don't know if mine will be shown. So many people had drawn pictures☆

I drew a handsome guy haha (*´∀`*)

I know that I don't draw as a professional sketcher but I try my best to keep improving my skills! (●´∀`●)


Yesterday I could watch Nippon Budokan trailer! I was VERY HAPPY! At first, I coudn't watch the long trailer but then, An Cafe Russia helped me (thank you very much★!) and I could watch it (人*´∀`)

You can watch it here: http://www.ancafe-web.com/RENEWancafe_web/20100104photo/20100822filmlive.html

Today I could download it and now I have it on my Ipod. I'm so happy because now I can watch it anywhere! haha (*^▽^*)

Every time I watch it, tears come to my eyes. It's so beautiful♥. I can't believe I was there living that moment, living An Cafe's goal, living our wedding, feeling our bonds. I'm so proud of being a cafekko o(≧∀≦)o

I can't wait to buy and watch the full DVD! (。・ω・。)



I hardly ever remember to take photos of food but I want to do it ( ;∀;)! I took some photos of some cute food that I ate in the UK \(*^▽^*)/

The first day I wasn't very hungry so I didn't know what to eat for dinner. Finally, I decided to eat a chocolate cupcake and a hot chocolate! yummy~~~~ (人*´∀`)

nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

Another day we went to Brighton and we had lunch in a cupcake shop (o´ω`o)

All their cupcakes were so cute☆!! I ate a vanilla cupcake and a cup of tea (〃^∇^)

Another day we had lunch in a Japanese restaurant and this was my dessert: a chocolate mochi★! It was delicious ( ´¬`)♥


★Shopping in London★

Today I came back from London! I've really enjoyed these days in London. I want to show you many things but today I'll only upload some photos of the things that I bought in UK. I hope you like them (*´∀`*)

I bought these Shin-chan biscuits and these pocky in Soho. As you can see, they are "Men's pocky" haha. I wanted to buy some different pocky in order to taste different flavours haha (′∀`)

I bought this beautiful necklace at Vivienne Westwood shop☆!

My parents bought me this cool Vivienne Westwood T-shirt. We bought it at men's shop but I really like it☆! It was quite near of the other VW shop (where I bought the necklace)

I also bought a lot of cute little things★ haha

and more cute stuff☆!

A skirt☆

and a pair of Dr.Martens! (●´∀`)

These are most of the things I bought in London (。・ω・。)