Today it was Xmas Ustream!!! It was GREAT! and very long! hahaha
It started at 10 pm in Japan (so that was 2 pm in Spain). At first, all cafekko were nervous because the show didn't start on time but suddenly we saw Kanon in the streets of Tokyo! and then Teruki also appeared! They went on a tour in Harajuku, it was so cool!! (●´∀`)
今日はクリスマスユーストでしたよー!長かった。そしてとても素敵でした! (●´∀`) カノンさんはいました。それから輝喜さんもそちらへ行きました。原宿へ行きました。

Then, they had a break and restarted the Ustream in the studio! There we could see Kanon, Teruki, Mitsuki, Ryu, Spark and Studio Blue-3's maid. Then, Piko's manager came but I didn't take any photos of him! sorry!

それからスタジオへ行きました。スタジオに輝喜さんとカノンさんとSparkさんとリュウさんとミツキさんとStudio Blue-3のメイドさんはいました。それからピコさんのマネージャーも行きました

I had problems taking captures so I had to take photos with the camera....sorry!m(_ _)m
写真はあまりよくないです...ごめんなさい!m(_ _)m

They phoned some Japanese cafekko. It was very nice(・∀・)Those cafekko were so lucky, weren' they?

They also played Kyun Kyun Beam again You know, that game were Mitsuki asked some questions (related to love or dates) and every one of them had to answer secretly on a paper. Then, they showed their replies and cafekko could vote for their favourite one saying "kyun kyun"

At first, Spark and Piko's manager answered the same! haha Teruki's answers were so kakkoii (* ̄ω ̄*) ! Kanons' were very erotic (*/∇\*) hahahaha! and Ryus' so cute(*^∀^*)
Sparkさんとピコさんのマネージャーは同じ答えがありましたw。輝喜さんの答えはカッコイイだった(* ̄ω ̄*)カノンさんの答えはエロだった(*/∇\*) wwww!!リュウさんの答えは可愛かった(*^∀^*)

Thanks Maid! She helped the foreign cafekko a lot! Thank you!! m(_ _)m
メイドさん、英語ありがとうございました!m(_ _)m

They also talked about their wishes for 2011 and about Studio Blue-3's history. 
2011年の目標とStudio Blue-3のストーリーも言いました

In the end, they said Merry Xmas in foreign languages! I could record it!!! Please, excuse my stupid laugh (/д\*))((*/Д\)

Feliz Navidad! (Spanish - スペイン語 )


  1. thanks for recording, i was so happy when they said Feliz Navidad :D
    Teruki read aloud my tweet, i'm pretty sure( ̄▽+ ̄*)
    Do you remember what i told you yesterday ?

  2. Oh!! So, it was really good Ustream live today!
    I was really excited, because I have always wanted to see Tokyo's streets, and now I saw some.
    I was a bit disappointed, because it was late... I had waited it long time. Kyun kyun game is always fun!!! I laughed about it so much. XDD
    And their answers were... a bit inappropriate, isn't? Especially, Kanon's and PIKO'S MANAGER !!
    Ooooooooh..... I thought, that: "Ugh, terrible answers." XDDDDDDDD And Teruki drank a whole wine bottle himself, almost!! I have much words about this, but I think, it's time to stop.
    And I can't say more, because my English is poor. (>__<) Hope, that a new Ustream live is soon! And, I was so happy, when at the end, they were wrote "Good night" in Finnish. This was Christmas present, the best.

  3. Nyappy!
    Today was wonderful, passing the early hours of Christmas with them was very good.
    I loved the text you wrote, it was a pretty good description of that day.
    I'm not good at writing in English, but at least I want to comment on your posting this Ustream.
    Sarahちゃんo(≧∀≦)o☆ ♥ メリークリスマス♥☆ o(≧∀≦)o

    bye nyappy!

    from @mandy_lua

  4. aha no te preocupes si tardas en contestar , lo entiendo n_n .
    ese colgante es muy lindo aunque ya no esta en la pagina de an cafe u_u , ahora ya no tienen muchas cosas.

    un preg , lo que escribes en japo es lo mismo que escribes en ingles no??? , sugoii *-*

    Felices fiestas n_n

  5. NYAPPYo(≧∀≦)o
    とてもわかりやすいブログをTHANK YOU!!

  6. 。" ゚☆,。・:*:・゚★o(´▽`*)/♪Thanks♪\(*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚"


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