SEX POT Tokyo☆

Hi o(≧∀≦)o

I've decided that I'll write about some of my favourite shops. I'll start with SEX POT Tokyo.

SEX POT ReVeNGe is a punk brand. I think that it's sweet and hard at the same time and these 2 elements make this brand a good choice for every Visual Kei fashion lover.

SEX POT has (at least) two shops. I don't know if there are more shops of this brand but I've been only in two of them. Both of them are in Harajuku and they are called SEX POT ReVeNGe and SEX POT Tokyo. The one you can see in the photo is SEX POT Tokyo.

If you have a chance to buy a SEX POT happy bag, do it! I've bought two of them and they're cool. For foreign people that don't live in Japan, it's a good idea to take a look on CDJapan because they sell clothes of this brand.

SEX POT Tokyo is cooler than SEX POt ReVeNGe for me but it's only my opinion hahaha (・ω・)

Do you like this brand?


  1. ADORO Sex Pot, es una de las marcas que mas me gustan, son super originales! :D
    Algun dia yo tambien estare alli Ò_Ó
    un beso!

  2. La tia que surt a la esquerra és Belén Esteban total _o_ (el cabell i tal)
    Pues a mi sex pot m'agrada molt però m'agraden més altres marques com Listen Flavor o ACDC~ (la marca japa no el grup, ja mentens xD)

  3. Sex Pot have great clothes! :D


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