Today has been Kanon's Ustream (*゚▽゚)!!! This was the first time that I could watch a whole Kanon's online-video. I always had had problems with them but I think that the destiny helped me today because Teruki appeared on the Ustream, too! Waah! I was so happy! (*´∀`*)

Even though I'm studying Japanese my level is still very low and I couldn't understand most of what they were saying orz. It was like a super difficult listening for me (?) hahaha. Fortunately, Studio Blue 3's maid was there to translate the most important things into English. Thank you, maid! m(*T▽T*)m

Ustream started at 00:00 (16:00 in Spain) but they made a test before the real Ustream started. Then was when I saw that Kanon's hair was light brown/redish/blondish! Σ(・oノ)ノ

After the test, the screen turned this way. All cafekko were waiting until 00:00 (Japan time). It was so exiting! わくわく!Kanon, Spark and Ryuu were tweeting meanwhile, too☆!

I took a photo of myself with the screen while I was waiting!☆

Then, Ustream started!! I was so happy but I didn't know that I would be even happier in a few minutes because, all of a sudden... we heard a strange noise and all of them began to laugh! A dog attacked them! wait...it wasn't a dog... that person was...Teruki with a hat that was like a dog's face(*゚0゚)!!!! hahahaha. A few days ago I asked Teruki on Twitter if he would be in Kanon's Ustream. What a coincidence! (^0^)

Teruki and Ryuu like cute hats (*´ε` *)

Teruki was eating all the time and I wrote in Japanese "Teruki! is this the diet of the yogurt?(laughs)" (Teruki had been talking about diets on his blog and on Twitter).

They read something on the screen and they began to laugh!!! I could only understand "Teruki" and "cookie". Maybe that yogurt/ice cream was made of cookies.  I don't think that they were laughing of what I had written because there were many messages for Teruki then, too! but I was happy anyway because my message was among all the messages that they were reading!(*´ー`*)

EDIT!(12-11-2010):  They were laughing of my tweet!!!! @ritsuppy told me that he had been able to understand that they were laughing of  what I had written (*^O^*) I'M SO HAPPY!!!!! o(≧∀≦)o

On of the funniest things was when they had to answer some questions related to girls, dates and love. It was so cool because we had to vote our favourite answer saying the name of the person we were voting plus "kyun kyun" (〃゚∇゚〃)

Thank you for this Ustream! You made me so happy! (*´ω`)


  1. huhuhu ets una monada!
    mira que em costa reconeixels, pero el que si conec es el teruki i es una preciositat ahaha
    & suposo que el del cabell taronja es el kanon, no? li queda be^^


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