Nyappy Halloween☆

Nyappy Halloween☆
Trick or treat♪

My mother bought me these cute Halloween chocolates ( ´ ▽ ` )☆ delicious ♪
母にこの可愛いハロウィンのチョコレートをもらった( ´ ▽ ` )☆美味しい♪

Will you go to Saló del Manga? I'm going to go next Saturday and I'm going to wear a maid dress♪ Say hello if you see me, please (^∇^)ノ



These are some recent outfits ♪

My mother bought me this cute hoodie and these lovely Hello Kitty socks ☆ ヾ('∀'o)ノ ♪゚・*:.。.
母はふわふわパーカーとハローキッティのふわふわ靴下を買ってくれた☆可愛いヾ('∀'o)ノ ♪゚・*:.。.

From this week on, An Cafe members will be doing a nico nama every day of the week, from Monday to Friday o(≧∀≦)o!!!Junior also appears sometimes ☆ I could watch the nico nama of Thursday and Friday in real time so I was very happy ♪ I could see the one they did last Monday thanks to a cafekko from Brazil called Mandy ☆ I also saw the other ones ★――(*´∀`) It was great! o(*^∇^*)o

An Cafe members tried to drink coke very fast. It seems difficult (・∀・;) haha

They also showed the new album and cafe MANIA o(≧∀≦)o Of course, I pre-ordered both of them♪ I’m looking forward to their releases ☆゚・*:.。.

The cats at the studio where Teruki goes also appear on his nico nama ☆ So cute (*>ω<*)

Also, this week I listened to Ryu’s Twitcast(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Thanks to Ryu’s Twitcast and nico nama I’m learning about idols (^O^) Moreover, during this week’s Twitcast I was very happy because Ryu called my name ・:*(〃・ω・〃)*:・
そして今週リュウさんのツイキャスを聞いたよ(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 面白かったよ♪リュウさんのツイキャスやニコ生のおかげで、アイドルの世界を知るようになっている(^O^)そして今週のツイキャスでリュウさんは私の名前を呼んでくれたから、とてもとても嬉しかったよ・:*(〃・ω・〃)*:・


KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 2-

Last month I wrote “KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 1-“ and today I want to write KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 2-☆:*・゚
先月「KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 1-」を書いた♪そして今日「KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 2-」を書きたいと思うよ☆:*

 I really like the 4rth floor of KIDDY LAND☆

There’re Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty shops on that floor so you can find a lot of San-x and Sanrio goods ♪
あそこにはリラックマストアとハローキッティショップがあるので、サンエックスのサンリオのグッズがいっぱい ♪

I like cute characters (♡´⌣`♡)✯*・☪:.。

I also bought these things at KIDDY LAND☆

KikiLala pens☆

KikiLala iPhone case☆

If you want to read KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 1- click on this URL please ↓
「KIDDY LAND 2013 -Part 1-」を読みたいなら、このURLをクリックしてください↓ 


Cat Street and ニコ生

Last August when I went to Japan, I got these photos at Cat Street ☆º°˚*☆
今年の8月に日本に行ったとき、Cat Streetでこの写真を撮った☆º°˚*☆

↓It looks like I’m sleeping ZZzz…(。-ω-)hahahaha

I found this shop of funny stickers and I took these photos o(*´∀`)o
面白いステッカーのお店を見つけて、 写真を撮ったo(*´∀`)o


Last Friday I saw An Cafe nico nama ☆ First, they showed PVs and concert videos and then members appeared o(≧∀≦)o It was great! ♪ I tried to take some photos \(^ω^)/



Some recent outfits (*ゝω・*)☆

My mother made matcha fresh cream for me☆! It was delicious (●´∀`●)

Some days ago I took a short video with instagram while I was cleaning my shelves ♪ If you want to watch it, click on this URL please (☆╹◡╹)ノ☆.。₀:*゚✲゚*:₀。↓ 



This summer my favourite band An Cafe released 3 singles. June’s single was “Bee Myself Bee Yourself~jbunrashiku kimirashiku umareta story hajimattenda~, the July’s one was “Itai Onna~NO PAIN,NO LOVE? JAPAIN GIRLS in LOVE~” and the August’s one was “RoMAN~Let's make precious love~”. Moreover, there were “anti-aging versions” of the songs that An Cafe released under the title “Harajuku Trilogy” in 2005. That’s why this year’s singles are called “Harajuku Trilogy Returns” ☆ So cool! o(≧∀≦)o
今年の夏に私の一番好きなバンドのアンカフェはシングルを3つリリースした。6月のシングルは「Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~自分らしく君らしく生まれたストーリーは始まってんだ~」で、7月のは「イタイ女~NO PAIN,NO LOVE? JAPAIN GIRLS in LOVE~」で、8月のは「狼MAN ~Let's make precious love~」でした。それにこのシングルはアンカフェの2005年の原宿参部作の曲のアンチエイジングver.もある。だからこの3つのシングルは「原宿参部作リターンズ」と言う☆すごいねo(≧∀≦)o

I usually buy An Cafe CDs on the Internet but as I went to Japan last August I could buy them directly in some shops there☆ So, there weren’t any shipping costs \(^ω^)/ hahaha

I could do a flying get with “RoMAN~Let's make precious love~” and I got this cute sticker as a present o(≧∀≦)o “Flying get” is when you purchase a CD or DVD or something like this the day before it starts being sold o(≧∀≦)o
「狼MAN ~Let's make precious love~」をフラゲできて、素敵なステッカーをもらったo(≧∀≦)o

I like both the new songs and the anti-aging versions ♡