☆Best Salon del Manga ever☆

Today I went to Sakurai's panel in Salon del Manga. I have to say that this has been the best Salon del Manga ever for me! (´∀`)

I spent some parts of the day with my parents and others with my friends. Finally, Sakurai's panel was near! We were waiting for it when Sakurai came to my mother and me. He told to us that he knew that my mother was my mother because we looked alike! (・ω・) haha He also said to my mother that she looked very young  (・∀・) . Then he saw my Nippon Budokan T-shirt and we told him that we had been to An Cafe's concert there. He said that he had been there, too. Then, he suddenly started imitating that part of the concert when Kanon said tiramisu nyappy poppo hahaha. Sakurai is so cool('∇'*)!! After that, Sakurai saw that I had some An Cafe badges on my bag and he said: ooooh Teruki! and he took a photo of my bag (・∀・)haha. It was also then when I got this photo with him. As you can see, he was wearing that outfit that he had been wearing with Kanon in Paris and the USA.

Then, we all entered the room where the panel was going to take place. My parents and I got the 1st row! I was so happy! Sakurai played An Cafe's Cherry Saku Yuuki PV while he was looking for some things on his laptop.

His speech was about anime's pilgrimage in Japan (and also around the world). Sakurai and his mates travel around Japan and around the world and they take photos of the real places that appear in animes. You know, mangakas and anime creators copy real scenery and they use it in their creations. That's why Sakurai told us that Japan is a 2.5D because anime is 2D and reality is 3D, so Japan is 2.5D because you can find those anime places in real life, too.

Sakurai also said that he had forgotten his hat! but that we can see it on the Internet because he had worn it in other conventions around the world (with Kanon!).

He told us that Kanon wanted to go to Salon del Manga but he finally didn't come and then he said  that he would say to Kanon that we were very angry because he hadn't come to Salon del Manga hahahaha. He said prince Kanon haha (*>∀<*)

Then he played a video comment from Teruki, Kanon and Yuuki (it was from their days with Sakurai in China!). The translator told us that they had said that they were still in hiatus but when they came back they wanted to do a world tour and come to Spain again (●´∪`)! They also said nyappy and Kanon said Salon del Manga. I remember that Teruki said Supein no cafekko --> Spanish cafekko / cafekko from Spain. I was SO HAPPY when I saw it (;___;)!!!!I couldn't record it well orz but I took this photo! Can you see them? Please, click on the photo to see it bigger.

Then Sakurai showed us Kanon x Kanon PV! So cool~~! (*´∀`*)

Afterwards the speech finished and Sakurai asked us to say nyappy o(≧∀≦)o and he took a photo. My mother and I said bye to Sakurai and he told us very nyappy o(≧∀≦)o words.

It all was so cool and nyappy o(≧∀≦)o! Thank you very much, Sakurai!


  1. OMG!! I m so nyappy for u ^^ WHY I DIDN'T THERE?!?!? XDD

  2. hello mestressa!
    l'any que ve m'haureu de portat al salo a coneixer el sakurai!!! apendre japones per ell, okay? hihi^^


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