Advices for Visual Kei LIVES

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Today I'm going to write 5 advices about how to get a better Visual Kei concert as a fan in Spain.

1☆ It's important to arrive to the queue as earlier as you can . The earlier you arrive ,the most amount of incredible things you will live♥. Perhaps you will see the RedCar and the musicians before the concert or even something else!(*´`*)

2☆ Don't believe all the people who shouts : MAKE A QUEUE THAT WAY IN THAT PLACE . Lots of times they're just normal fans that are trying to organize the queue in order to have the best place (*`θ´*) .You should make sure that the ones that are shouting are members of the staff before you decide to obey them (-ω-)=b

3☆Eat and drink some water before the concert! (*`θ´*) It's very important to have energy. I've seen a lot of people falling down in the middle of the concert because of this. (´A`;)

☆When you are in the hall and you can get a place (remember that I'm talking about Visual Kei concerts in Spain and there aren't any numbered tickets or seats), open a little your feet and legs. This way, no one will steal your place if they try to push you.

☆Try to wear comfortable shoes. You should chose some cool shoes but they should be comfortable. It's better to wear a pair of TUK or Dr.Martens than a pair of heavy creepers (in order that your creepers are heavy, like the ones that I have (laughs)☆).


  1. Consell nº6: Si las fangirls van a osties, tu més.
    M'encanten les teves entrades Sarah m(_ _)m

  2. Adoro esta entrada, cuanta razon!
    Lo malo esque aqui todo el mundo va a codazo limpio y eso no mola nada de nada ¬¬
    Por lo demas, todo perfecto! Esa foto es del live de An cafe verdad? Yo estuve alli! xD
    un beso!

  3. suzu + 1 , un altre concell:

    si una noia que t'esta tocant lo que no tens , no diguis res no vagi a ser que asobre et cridi.
    una altra:

    no deixis que el ******* estigui davant teu, tots sabem qui es no? xD

    m'encanten les teves entrades lina <3


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