★ My An Cafe DVD collection★

Some entries ago I wrote about my An Cafe CD collection and today I'm going to write about my An Cafe DVD collection (^∀^) You can see it in this photo:

HIBIYA ON ☆the☆ o NEW sekai (it's the red one) It's Bou's final LIVE. It was a present from my parents. I really wanted this DVD but An Cafe's official online shop wasn't avaliable for overseas so it was very expensive getting things from there. Finally, they opened a shop for foreign cafekkos and I could get this DVD (*´▽`) (and my first Bonds towel!)

Yagai de nyappy (it's next to HIBIYA ON ☆the☆ o NEW sekai) It's very rare and difficult to get! I bought it in Closet Child in Harajuku (Tokyo)

LIVE CAFE 2005 12 03 at SHIBUYA O-EAST (it's next to Yagai de nyappy) It isn't very easy to find either. It was a present from my family, too.

ANCAFESTA'08「SUMMER DIVE」 (it's the yellow one) It's also hard to find now. I bought it in Closet Child, too.

LIVE CAFE・TOUR'08 NYAPPY GO AROUND THE WORLD (it's next to ANCAFESTA'08「SUMMER DIVE」) It's the version without subtitles!

FINAL OF NYAPPY - Tokyo Big Sight (it's the last one) It's the last An Cafe DVD I bought!

I hope I'll have more An Cafe DVDs soon o(≧∀≦)o

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  1. Chuuuuu que guai!
    Por cierto, me he enamorado de la camiseta del sombrerero loco *___*
    un besito!


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