♥Shopping♥ (*´∀`)

Hi o(≧∀≦)o!

Today I went to Barcelona with my mother.
We had breakfast at a Japanese baker's. It was delicious! (*`θ´*)
We also had lunch at a Japanese restaurant hahaha
It was very good, too! (*´ω`*)

We went to Madame Chocolat in the afternoon. It's a new Harajuku style shop in Barcelona. The shop was opened today★!

I bought a necklace, some hair clips and a pair of long pink&red socks. If you bought something that cost more than 10 euros, you could pick up a paper from a box. Depending on the number of the paper, you could choose something small from the shop for free! I could choose among some plastic rings so I got this purple one.


  1. Guarra xDDD Està bé la botiga al final o què?

  2. Niiice (Y)
    we don't have any Harajuku based shops here in Norway, as I am aware of :((


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