♥Kiddy Land♥

Today I'll write about another of my favourite shops o(≧∀≦)o
It's Kiddy Land☆~~! It's in Tokyo.

This shop it's full of super cute things. It has several floors and you can find stickers, keychains, pens, USB, teddies, straps... and all it's super nice~~! There are thousands of things of San-X, Sanrio, Studio Ghibli, Gloomy... it's like a kawaii paradise (*´ω`*)

These are some things that I bought there♥!

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  1. No se porque, siento el impulso de ir alli a comprarlo todo! Me encantan este tipo de chuminadas ultra monas! :D
    Me he enamorado de tu Riakkuma con sus tortitas <3
    Por cierto el conjunto que llevabas es genial, adoro las botas ;)
    un beso!


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