Teruki is following his followers on Twitter.
He's so cute!! (* ̄∀)σ)゚ω゚;)
The first day I wasn't followed by him because he can only follow "x number" of people every day but... The second day (yesterday) he followed me!! I can't be more happy (*`θ´*)

Oh! And Mr.Takamasa replied me on twitter! He said "See you in Salon del Manga"...
w...what?! Yaaaay! Please, Mr.Takamasa, bring Teruki and Kanon with you (*`θ´*) hahaha
(Salón del Manga is the most popular event related to Japan in Spain! It's in Barcelona)


  1. Aw, I was so happy when Teruki started following me. It's awesome. n_n

  2. I suposse that you know it. Kanon is going to be in Paris for a Baby Star Shines Bright on 3 July.
    Congrats for the follow and sorry my bad english ^^'


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