Lc5 -> My opinion

Ok, so I'm going to write my opinion about Lc5, Miku's new band.
As you can see, it was all true. Just check their web and you'll see it: http://www.lc5.jp/

I believe in Miku but at the same time I'm worried about this. Miku has been saying lots of "things" on his twitter (like that he was in the studio or recording new songs). I used to think that he would release something as a soloist but the truth is that he has a new band, Lc5.

He has said on his blog that Lc5 is his project during An Cafe's hiatus . He said that Kanon is already doing something so he wants to do his own project, too. @ancaferu gave the link to Miku's new entry:

message from miku >> http://www.mbga.jp/.pc/_dia_view?d=719083201

On one hand, I believe in him but on the other hand,I know that a band needs almost all your time. An Cafe used to say that they needed this hiatus in order to "get new ideas for their return" but Miku is just doing the same. He's in a band with 4 more member and he's on vocals.

I'm also afraid because of what I said the other day on twitter. Kanon and Teruki are following each other but they don't follow Miku and Miku doesn't follow them. In the past, Miku used to follow Kanon (in fact I found Kanon's twitter because I saw it on Miku's twitter) but he doesn't do it anymore.

Maybe this is only a wrong idea and I'm confused. Maybe they're all OK and they know the date of Summer Dive 20xx but I'm just telling my opinion. Perhaps my opinion will be changed tomorrow, who knows.

I want to listen to Lc5's music, I'm sure they will be great but my favourite band is An Cafe: Miku, Kanon, Teruki, Takuya, Yuuki and Bou.

I don't know their plans, An Cafe and Red Cafe are the only ones who know them. This is hard but cafekkos have to believe in An Cafe now.

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  1. Hi, just saw your blog on an_cafe and I thought I'd comment.

    You've summed up my feelings perfectly when you say:
    "I know that a band needs almost all your time."
    I don't see how he can be a member of AnCafe and Lc5 at the same time. Towards the end of last year, he was tired, sick and depressed all the time, with just one band. There's no way, in my mind, he could deal with two.

    That said, I do think that Miku being in a new band, surrounded by diffrent people and producing a different sound, could give him new and fresh ideas.

    I ddn't realise Miku had stopped following Kanon + Teruki. That seems like a bad sign to me. But there are many reasons that could be, and I don't want to worry myself for nothing.
    It's weird because of all the members, Miku seemed to me the least likely to leave. He writes the lyrics, he seems to embody the fun image of AnCafe.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think it's the end of AnCafe, but I doubt this we'll see them again for a good while yet, and possibly not with the same lineup.

  2. Uala pues no tenia ni idea de esto :O
    La verdad esque Miku en este nuevo grupo se ve mas adulto, mas masculino y eso no le queda nada mal, el problema esta en lo que tu has dicho, espero que no haya pasado nada entre ellos >____<
    en fin, habra que tener esperanzas :3
    ah si, lo de "fan" lo hice en plan cutre, primero busque las imagenes en diferentes fanlistings y luego hice una imagen donde las copie todas, para no quemarme la cabeza xD
    Un beso!

  3. Aw, I got a little worried too, I love An Cafe :oo

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