My An Cafe collection (●´ω`●) ♥

Today I took a photo of almost all my An Cafe goods! (without posters haha)

However, my collection is growing up all the time

I'm proud of my collection because I don't live in Japan and it's more difficult to get all these things if you are an overseas cafekko! (○^ω^○)
I'm not rich so, getting this collection is a matter of time and effort! (*´ω`*)


  1. you're amazing girl! *-* and your collection is a DREAM! *3*

  2. I'm impressed by your collection! Really ^ ^ Being also a huge fan of An Cafe, I keep my collection but as you say it takes "effort and time" ... In any case, you're really lucky to have met them face to face *-* I've already met Kanon but I would like also met the whole group, it would be even better than a dream *_____*

    Bye nyappy ! o(≧∀≦)o


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