Today is my mother's birthday☆! Happy birthday☆☆☆☆(*^0^*) My mother is so nice and kind. I love you, mum!


Kanon replied to me again!!!! I'm so happy! Twitter is wonderful~~!!
Thank you very much Kanon. You made me so happy again☆
He wrote it twice but I can see that the only difference is that in the first tweet he wrote the particle "yo" (I think that this particle is used to emphasize a sentence) and in the second one he didn't wrote it.

I told him that I didn't understand one of his tweets and he explained it to me. Kanon, why are you so kind and cute? You're such a nice person  (●´∪`)


Teruki wrote on his blog that Sakurai had showed him his photos of Salon del Manga. I was so happy (*/∇\*) when I read it because Sakurai had taken a picture of me and he also had taken a picture of my bag because there were some An Cafe badges on it ☆


Today I drew this picture! I know that it isn't very well made orz but I think that the "idea" is cute, isn't it? (・∀・*)


  1. Hola, me gusta tu blog
    intento seguirlo, pero como mi nivel de ingles es tan pesimo U_U en fin que me a encantado las reseñas sobre el salón del manga *_*
    que cosas tan geniales vives y gracias por compartirlas

    Un saludo

  2. eeeh ^^ al final t'ha quedat molt macu el dibuix :3

    perdonaaa >.< es que tinc una altra amiga que es diu Sara i estic massa acostumada a escriure-ho aixi dsfhg
    un altre cop no m'equivoco
    I promise XD

    jajaja aiiis el Sakuraiii XD

  4. quina sort! el dibuix es una monada *o*


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