☆Cute things☆

Hi nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

Today a classmate and I did an exchange. I saw a K-ON plastic sleeve on her table and I said: AH! K-ON! I LOVE IT! IT IS SUPER CUTE!! (*´∀`*) The classmate said that she could give it to me if I gave something to her so I gave her one of my two Rilakkuma plastic sleeves; and now I have this super cute K-ON plastic sleeve (●´∪`)

I remember that Sakurai asked us about our favourite animes in his panel and I said K-ON. Then Sakurai said that Mio was his favourite character and Sakurai's friend said that his favourite character was Azunyan (^ω^)


My mother has bought me this lovely Hello Kitty Advent Calendar. Thank you (*´∀`*)


  1. Oh it's so cute~<33 ^^ and that Hello Kitty Calendar is cute too<3 ;P

  2. Hey sarah do you have facebook? I would love to add you if I could. (:

  3. Ahhh estupendo soc només una classmate ;;3;; XDDD

    Ohh yeahh, es un plaer fer negocis amb tu<3
    Un petó SARAH, fins dilluns:D

  4. Es de la claudia? a ella li va tocar una cosa d'aquestes al saló <3

  5. Si Laia, vaig ser jo qui li vaig canviar XD


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