Yesterday I was talking to a cafekko about our beginnings as An Cafe's fans. She said that she considered herself a cafekko since 2008 and I said to her that I was a cafekko since 2006 (before Maple Gunman and Smile Ichiban Ii Onna!). 

Anyway, I think that you can't choose the moment you "discover" your favourite band (it just happens) so that doesn't make you a better cafekko or something. It's true that I feel lucky because I've lived a lot of things "in real time". I started being a cafekko when Bou was still in the band. Even though I've never seen Bou in a concert, I lived that era. I could go to both concerts of An Cafe in Barcelona (2008&2009) and I  also went to Nippon Budokan concert. I could enjoy an awesome Meet&Greet in 2009 and many other wonderful things have happened to me. I'm very thankful!

I believe that everyone of us has to appreciate their own memories as a cafekko because they are all beautiful.  We're starring An Cafe's history even now. In the future, when An Cafe comes back, we will remember that we were there during their hiatus and we will be proud of ourselves o(≧∀≦)o


  1. que lindo lo qu escribiste, tienes mucha razon.
    yo me siento muy afortunada y feliz de que ellos vinieran a argentina , aunque fuimos pocos comparado con otros paises ellos vinieron y dieron todo de si asi que estoy orgullosa de ser cafekka .

    pd : ya arranque en el 2007 masomenos un año complicado con todo lo de bou u.u pero bueno.

  2. Oh, this entry was refreshing!
    I don't know why, but I really realized, that We can be proud of ourselves, because... eeeh you know.. Well,
    We were here, although they were in hiatus. You know! :D I considered myself Cafekko since 2008 too, I will be continue... to my death until. (;_;)


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