Today I got a reply from the mangaka who had made my favourite manga!(・∀・) She is Minami Ozaki and my favourite manga is Bronze Zetsuai since 1989.

In fact, Bronze Zetsuai since 1989 is the second part of Zetsuai since 1989 (I like the whole story: Zetsuai and Bronze). I read it years ago and I sent a letter to Minami Ozaki. She replied me with this cute postcard! I was very happy ( ´▽`)

I told her that Bronze was my favourite manga and I showed her this photo of her postcard in Twitter today. She told me that she remembered this postcard! (o・0・o)

I don't know many people who likes this manga (´-ω-`)haha. I think that it's because the drawing style is very unique and the story itself isn't very commercial, either. In fact, it's a very hard manga.

This manga is about a boy (Kôji) who falls in love with a girl who is playing football (I think both of them are 12~). Kôji wants to find this girl so he becomes a singer. He thinks that this way maybe that girl will listen to his songs and she will come to him (ah! I haven't said it: Kôji is a moron (。`∀´。)hahaha). One day, Kôji is very ill (he has fever) in the street, he is unconscious. A boy (Takuto) is running C= C= C= ┌(;・_・)┘ in that area and he sees him. He isn't into music so he doesn't know that that man is Kôji Nanjô (the singer) but he sees that he is in trouble so he picks him up to his house (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_;。) . Kôji is very weak but he can see that that man (Takuto) is in fact "that girl" he saw when he was 12 (now they are 18~). So that girl wasn't a girl!!! (●`・△・´●)but now Kôji is in love with Takuto and he can't do anything to stop his love, even though he doesn't like men in general (・艸・。||)

So, this is the beginning of Zetsuai. I think that it's a very romantic manga but it's full of dramatic stuff, too (sometimes they are mad haha). Anyway, I really like it!  (´ω`●人)


  1. that sounds so awesome ... (*_*) ... I myself am a big fan too, but I never dared to write her ... (^_^;;;) ...

  2. woooww que suerte o.o (L).

    no recuerdo que stand vendia la carpetita de ancafe pero si consigo otra te la puedo mandar por correo n___n


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