Today I started university☆! In fact, real classes don't start until Wednesday but they explained to us some things about our degree and our university (They said that there is a club of otakus haha, so cool). I met my classmates again. They are very friendly!ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

The bad thing was that Teruki's concert with the bullet was being shown online while I was in the university...but...I COULD WATCH IT ANYWAY! HAHA (`∀´)! Of course, I had searched a program that could record that type of things. My father recorded the video while I was in the university. I watched it when I got home~~

OMG!(*´ω`*) Look at him!(o´∀`o) He's so adorable~~ and he brought Bonds towel to the concert! ♥♥♥ (*´0` *) Teruki, it's impossible not to love you♥!


  1. haha quina carpeta mes xula!
    el meu pis está a málaga, ara visc aqui hehe. :3

  2. tinc unes ganes de veure com son les classes, afijhalihffh <3

  3. Oh, espero que vaya todo muy bien
    en la universidad*O*!

  4. la toalla de bonds! este teruki >///<


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