☆My shoes☆

Today I want to show you my shoes★! These are almost all my shoes

White Dr.Martens with black stars: I bought them in OIOI ONE (Tokyo) last summer. I love them! (*´∀`*)

Pink Dr.Martens: I bought them in Camden Lock (London) this summer.

Black boots: I bought them in Ireland years ago.

Tartan boots: They were a present from my parents.

Pink and Black Converse All Star: They are very comfortable!

Pink zebra sneakers: They were very cheap.

Black&white creepers: I really like creepers! (●´∀`●) They are quite heavy but I wear them a lot.

Pink leopard TUK: They are like creepers but they don't have platform so they aren't heavy~~

Black shoes: I don't use them very much but they are nice!

Patent leather shoes: I only use them when I wear loose socks

White&pink sneakers: I only use them for sport (but I don't do many sport activities...)

Pink crocs: I use them as slippers so I wear them at home (*´・ω・`*)


  1. Les Martens d'estrelles molen mil *W* Normal que fossin d'allà Tokio >__<
    Soc la Claudia d'EAO! Et segueixo, oke? <3
    Un petonet, ens veiem ^w^

  2. que linda tu enfermedad :D, jajaj lo digo por estar "enferma de amor por An cafe", me gusta mucho , te followeo ;D

  3. Your collection is so cool!
    Oh, and I didn't know you've been to Ireland! Where in Ireland did you visit? I'm from Dublin by the way ^ ^

  4. quantes sabates!
    M'encanten les dr. Marteens sskfskbg <3

  5. justo el otro dia pense " podria hacer una entrada con mis zapatos " jajaj me ganaste el pensamiento ! n_n

    me encantan tus botas


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