Today my family and I had lunch in a self-service restaurant. It was my second time there. There was Asian and Western food. This is some of the food that I ate: Chinese bread, noddles, octopus and croquettes. I ate more food but I didn't take more photos haha, sorry (*´▽`)

Anyway, I was a little sad. I coudn't see Kanon on Nico Nico because I was in the restaurant at that time... (´;д;`)


  1. Hola! Yo también soy española y ahora te estoy siguiendo haha. Aww adoro la comida china y más, si son bufets asiáticos >w<

    un saludo x3

  2. Acabo de morir ahogada en mi propia baba...
    dios mio que buena pinta! *__*


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