☆my mobile phone☆

This is my mobile phone☆! In fact, I took this photo months ago but it looks exactly the same now (・ω・)

As you can see, I put some cute stickers on the front part and a sticker of Teruki♥ (*´ω`*) on the back part. There's also a sticker of Takashi Murakami's flower design on the back.

There're two straps of An Cafe(*´∀`*). The one that has all An Cafe plushies was a present from my parents and I bought the other one in Nippon Budokan concert.

I really like my mobile phone! \(*^▽^*)/

What does yours look like★?


  1. El meu és molt ranci ja ho saps xD

  2. Es una cucada el tel mobil <3

  3. waa k mono!! tus llaveritos son una cucada!! *O*

  4. Your mobile phone is so cute!!
    I love it~♥ ;ww;
    My mobile phone is so poor.
    It's only pink clam... ;<<


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