Today we started "real classes" \(^o^)/! We did geography of Asia and Japanese. In fact, we didn't do the whole class of Japanese because the 2nd course students had to explain some things to us.

In geography class, the teacher did an introduccion of the subject. He told us the exam dates and all this stuff. I remember when we were reading something and the teacher asked us: "who didn't know that Taipei is in Taiwan?" and I was thinking: "Thank you Teruki (*´ω`*) !" hahaha (for those who don't know it, Teruki spent his holidays in Taiwan so I learnt some things about it while I was reading his tweets and his blog (^∀^) haha).

Then, we did Japanese. It was also an introduccion. The teacher told us that we will have to buy Minna no Nihongo and Basic Kanji Book. He also said that we had to study hiragana for next Monday. I'm so happy that I already learnt it last year!

My Japanese is very bad now! but I know a few things (like hiragana, for example)... but I'll study it anyway for next Monday because it's always useful to study it again, isn't it? (・ω・)


  1. *-* que geniall , estuve buscando tu carrera pero aca en argentina no encontre nada u_u

  2. Minna no Nihongo is the same book I use! We're finished with it now and have moved onto more advanced level! Good luck in school!
    -Reina ^^y nyappy!

  3. Yo también uso el Minna no Nihongo! :3 y de momento domino bien el hiragana y el katakana... a la hora de aprender kanji veremos a ver! hehe
    がんばってください!! :D!


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