Yesterday my parents and I went to university. We wanted see all the journey that I'll do every day from home to university. In fact, I'm going to start university on the 20th of this month! My parents came with me yesterday but from the 20th I'll have to do it alone (*´・ω・`*). I'll have to travel by train and sometimes also by bus every day but I'm happy because I'll be studying lots of interesting things (´∀`●)

I'm going to study East Asian Studies (Japanese). During the first semester of the first year I'm going to study:

History of Asia
Geography of Asia

I think that all subjects will be very interesting but I also believe that Japanese will be my favourite one☆

We're going to be the second generation of this degree in Spain. I feel like Azunyan hahaha (^*´ω`*^)


  1. que bée!, podrás dormir al tren + repassar, es lo que faig jo sempre xDD!

    molta sort a la uni <3 però encara et queda per començar!ª

  2. mucha suerte! me alegro que vayas por el camino que más te guste (≧∀≦)

  3. quinas ganes tinc de començaaar *////* <3<3<3

  4. Qué guay, así que empiezas el 20!
    Yo tengo unas ganas de empezar ya que no me tengo >^<
    Seguro que te va muy bien, con las notazas que debías tener... =).

  5. jo també vull anar allà algun dia.


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