An Cafe's aroma★

Two entries on the same day! (I'm sorry! haha)(●´∀`●)

A cafekko from Japan asked me how Takuya's aroma was because she had seen the photo of the Meet&Greet .

I think that it's a good question because An Cafe's aroma is something that you can't know unless they are very close to you (and it's a little difficult to smell it in concerts because there are a lot of cafekko around you). So, I believe that you can only "smell" An Cafe's aroma if you meet them in a Meet&Greet or in the street.

In fact, An Cafe's smell shocked me a lot! I hadn't thought about it until I was in the Meet&Greet and I could smell it. Their aroma is like cigarettes and men's perfume! Yeah, I know that Teruki doesn't smoke but An Cafe's smell is like cigarettes and men's perfume anyway hahaha (*´∀`*)

I usually don't like this kind of smells but I really loved it on An Cafe! I felt that that was the aroma of an indie-punk-rock-visual kei band of bad boys haha! Their smell was like bad boys' aroma but at the same time they were so sweet and kind. I thought that it was very sexy haha (*/∇\*)


  1. memeo, que guay tio, com deu olorar el jun? jshjdhgjkd <3333

  2. juas! xD
    creo que todos los visualeros/jrockers, etc deben oler igual porke fuman como cosacos xD

  3. waaaai, are you a fan of rillakuma too? I'm a big fan of rillakuma and Panda-Z! hehe

    and thanks for following my blog. have a nice day =D


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