I'm sorry for the lack of updates m(_ _;;m
I'm very busy because of university. I always say the same but it's true! m(;∇;)m

Anyway, next week is Salon del Manga! I can't wait! I'm going for two days:  
Saturday (30th October) and Monday (1st November)

I'm sorry (^∧^) I don't have any photos this time 
but wait for Salon del Manga's please o(≧∀≦)o



  1. Yeahhh i work there!!! saraaah u neet to visit me at Harajuku XDDD

  2. Have fun with your awesome Teruki cosplay ^-^

  3. sisi, mola k te cagas la puri, la setmana del salo ta tencada la tenda.
    aah escolta el cosplay del teruki em mola un ou!! vui uns pantalons i un mucador igual!!! don son? made in japan????

    i el pel es una peluca...? perk sino no se on tas futut la teva mata de pel eh XD

  4. An Cafe! I don't know much about them but I love the one who has blonde hair and looks cute and always wear pinky stuff! (^O^)

  5. ai, jo no podré anar-hi ;o; Passa-ho be al saló ^_^!

  6. No pasa nada mujer, yo estoy igual con los estudios >.<
    Pasatelo bien en el salon y haz un monton de fotos, que no quiero perderme nada ;)
    un beso!


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