nice day☆

Today I went to Barcelona with my mother! \(*^▽^*)/

In the morning we had breakfast in a Japanese coffee shop. I ate a matcha cake and a latte (my mother ate the same) (人*´∀`)

Then we went shopping and we had lunch in a Japanese restaurant★. I didn't remember to take photos of the food there, I'm sorry!

It has been a very nice day! (*´∀`*)

I bought these pink creepers~~☆! They are lovely (and they aren't heavy!) (*´ω`*)

My mother helped me to pay them and she also bought me this cute Korilakkuma pen. The shop assistants gave me this cute ring (^∀^)


  1. Jo el tinc CASI igual però en blau <3

  2. mmm ese pastelito se ve muy rico, nunca probe uno u_u.
    pd: me encantaron tus creepers (L) *-*

  3. las creepers son...puro amor! siempre me han encantado, pegan con todo y son unisex :D
    me he quedado prendada del anillo <3

  4. waaa los creepers en rosa! que monos <33


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