Today was a super stressful and nice day! ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ

First, I went to university and I got a photo with some of my classmates☆! This way, you can see them -even though I have more classmates that don't appear in this photo, sorry!-. Can you see it? Most of them are doing "nyappy" with their hands! Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o is everywhere hahaha (I'm the one who is wearing a Miku x Super Lovers hoodie).

Then, I had lunch with Marina and Ida . Ida brought her laptop and we could see Kanon on Nico Nico!!!! In fact, it was really stressful. First, Marina, Ida and I searched a good place to see Kanon's video but... university's wifi didn't work well and Nico Nico was doing very weird things. Kanon was on air and we couldn't see him orz! Finally, ten minutes before Kanon's video finished, we decided to pray (゚人゚)(-人-) and guess what, the video started working ♪♪(((≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)))♪♪ haha. Thanks God☆! By then, Marina wasn't there (>_<). She couldn't see the miracle (●´・△・`)

Afterwards, I came back home, I opened my laptop and I started checking Twitter (as I usually do)...and ...I read that Kanon was on air AGAIN! I was like: WHAT?! I opened the web but my laptop was slow and silly so I couldn't watch it well and I couldn't write anything, either! I knew that I didn't have much time so I went downstairs to watch it on the big PC. My father was working there but I said to him: I NEED THE PC, IT'S VERY~~~~~~ IMPORTANT (☆曲☆メ) !!!!!!! So he said "yes" haha (^∀^). I was lucky because the video worked on the big PC! and I could comment it! I don't have the Japanese keyboard on that PC so I could only write in romaji (>_< ;). I also wrote some things in English but I decided to write VERY easy words because I know that they can't understand English (._.)! 

Anyway, I could see Kanon on air twice in one day! and I could also see Yuuki, Spark and Junior! I'm very nyappy o(≧∀≦)o


  1. Ala no sabia això últim! D:
    però wewewewe tot és gràcies al S★LL :)
    Li resaré més cops ho juro.
    Per cert, la segona foto és una GRAN merda DDD:

  2. My message is there!!
    LOL XDD ♥ Today was Kanon day.
    LOVELY~! ;_; ♥♥ DOKI♥DOKI

  3. Te has hecho fotos con el portatil? jajajaja

  4. woooooooooooooo emociooon ^^ segur que ha sigut guaay asdjkadjf

    jajaj LA FOTOOOOO! xD Mira mira la Mariona com es tapa ;O; i l'he dit que es fiques bé T.T
    Sort que has pujat la primera... ja saps XD despres he "dormit" LOL
    No se com hem acabat tots fent Nyappy (???) jajaja ha estat divertit, espontani!

  5. haha k maques! que be os ho passeu a la uni xDD!
    FAN de las fotos amb el ordinador xD!

  6. ahahaha, que monos tots a la foto!
    nosaltres hem entrat justament quan l'estaveu fent! xD


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