Lovely film☆

When my mother and I went to An Cafe concert in Nippon Budokan, we saw a film on the plane.  It was just the perfect film for that moment. I'm going to comment some spoilers of it so please, decide if you want to continue reading or not.

We watched Bandslam. I'm not going to talk about all the things that happen on this film. I just want to talk about my favourite scene! The main character, who is called Will, is a super fan of David Bowie and he sends an e-mail to him EVERYDAY but, of course, he never gets a reply from David Bowie. His mother says "why do you always e-mail him? he never replies to you" but he keeps sending e-mails to David Bowie. So, in the end of the film, Will is a manager of a band and they have a myspace web. David Bowie sees their myspace and sends a message to Will! Tears always come to my eyes when I see this part of the movie (*´ω`*) because I can understand Will's feelings at 100%. It's awesome★!


  1. Tiene buena pinta :) Creo que me la bajare solo por ver a David Bowie <3
    Gracias por la recomendacion ^^

  2. ai per favor que ploro ;___;
    peor esque la vanessa hudgens no m'agrada gens, no se si la podré veure xD!


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