☆Cafekko Book☆

Today I recived the Cafekko Book! o(≧∀≦)o

Cafekko book is a fanzine/magazine/book that I bought from Nana (She is a Japanese cafekko).
In fact, we had been talking about An Cafe on Twitter for a while!
Some weeks ago we started talking again and she told me that she had made a "Cafekko Book" and she also told me that all cafekko could buy it! It was so cool☆! and I wanted it but she didn't use PayPal orz! So, I didn't know how to pay it. Then, I started thinking about it and I realized that I had some coins from my last trip to Japan. I counted them and I saw that I had enough money! I was so happy~~! ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ

Nana recived my money and then she sent me the Cafekko Book. Today I recived it but she had included Cafekko book No.2 and a super cute letter, too! (*´ω`*)

Thank you very much, Nana! You're super kind~~☆! o(≧∀≦)o


  1. It's so awesome.
    I want too! ♥ (^o^)//

  2. waaa pero k monada!! es una pasada!! que mono por diooos *o*

  3. que genialll !!! *-* , es muy linda . que suerte tienes sarah-san

  4. Soo cutee! is the character in the last picture suppose to be Teruki? :'3


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