★Shopping in London★

Today I came back from London! I've really enjoyed these days in London. I want to show you many things but today I'll only upload some photos of the things that I bought in UK. I hope you like them (*´∀`*)

I bought these Shin-chan biscuits and these pocky in Soho. As you can see, they are "Men's pocky" haha. I wanted to buy some different pocky in order to taste different flavours haha (′∀`)

I bought this beautiful necklace at Vivienne Westwood shop☆!

My parents bought me this cool Vivienne Westwood T-shirt. We bought it at men's shop but I really like it☆! It was quite near of the other VW shop (where I bought the necklace)

I also bought a lot of cute little things★ haha

and more cute stuff☆!

A skirt☆

and a pair of Dr.Martens! (●´∀`)

These are most of the things I bought in London (。・ω・。)


  1. warra, ja saps el que penso. Vull el meu paper de wc amb la merda xDDD <3

  2. darling, have you really been in London? XD

  3. wah! me encanten les dr. martens son genials!

    espero que t'ho hagis passat bé ja parlarem ;O; avere si baixes un dia <3

    i com sempre et dic, ole ole y ole per les entrades al blog xD

  4. Que guai tooot!! m'encanta el pot de galetes, super ídol _O_
    intentaré comprarme unes martens noves quan vagi jo també D: son de 8 les teves?
    per cert, per on queda el vivienne?

  5. ^^ que guay :) A mi m'agraden les dr.Martens que tenen floretes dibuixades XD


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