☆My favourite member of An Cafe☆

My favourite member of An Cafe is Teruki♥! He's very sensitive, his words always touch me; he's very hardworking, humble and nice☆. He can make you laugh with his jokes! It's also true that his smile makes me feel happy. He always wants to be a better person than the day before. Teruki's personality is lovely (and he's also so handsome (*/∇\*)☆)

So, can you tell me who is your favourite member of An Cafe?☆ Write it on a comment please (you can write it anonymously if you want to). Thank you very much!! (・∀・)


  1. Teruki is my fav member, too !
    he always makes me laugh, and laughing is one of the important things in life :3
    and.. he is like a dad to me xD
    i think he is very sweet <3


  2. Takuya is my favorite member. He is perfect, very cute, and he has something that attracts me, I love him. I wanted to know more about him, but he barely speaks on twitter (laughs).

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  4. Kanon is my favorite member.
    He is truly a wonderful, friendly and a gentleman!
    He is so like me, really shy, but with his friends a bit crazy... i think. XD
    I love him. ;3
    And he likes steak, like me... LOL XD

  5. My favorite member is defenitely Kanon ♥ Non-san is just perfect guy with perfect sense of humor! I love all his silly things what he do all the time. Like in the Finale of Nyappy DVD, all those little things what he do in World tour. I love those! Kanon little raccoon ♥

  6. Hello sarah, it's a difficult question because I like them all but if I have to choose one, it would Miku. He sometimes reminds me my old brother (laughs) more than anything I think is his determination, his courage, his eagerness to move forward with their dreams no matter what happens,what I like so much of him and also I love his voice when he sings.

  7. Miku~ porque aunque los adoro a todos, me siento identificada e idolatro a los vocalistas porque es lo que a mi me gustaría ser^_^
    Aunque desde los comienzos también me gusto siempre Bou <3

  8. Teruki es el meu preferit (encara que no segueixo molt el grup, hahahah xD)
    Pero esque té un somriure taaan maco ;__;!

  9. Okey,I love Teruki too !
    He's just so funny and I love his voice ! *_*

  10. Miku and Teruki are the BEST~<33


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