☆What's in my pencil case?☆

What's in my pencil case? (゜∇ ゜)
First of all, I want to show you my pencil case itself. I bought it in my first Miyavi concert (during his first world tour). I've been using it in high school and I'll use it at university as well☆

I bought this donut charm and this Teruki♥ charm (it has a photo of all the band on the other side☆) the first time I went to Japan. The Stitch charm is from the second time I went to Japan (・∀・)

★~The light blue pencil in the middle is the one I usually use. I bought it in Studio Ghibli Museum. I also have that purple pencil in case the one of Totoro doesn't work. Next to this second pencil, there is my tipex.

★~Above the Totoro pencil there is a ruler that has a donut pattern and then, a pen of pink ink.

★~I also have two pens of blue ink. The one that has a tartan design and has the word "PUNK" is the one that I usually use. I have another one that is dark blue in case the other one doesn't work.

★~I bought the One Piece pen in Odaiba. It has black ink.

★~The other two next to the One Piece pen are a random pen of red ink and another black ink one. Next to them there is a thing where I can keep pencil leads and a USB that university have given to all students. All students will have the same, that's why I added a cute charm and a nice sticker to it. This way, I won't lose it.

Look at the pea! It wants to say hello to all my readers! (*`θ´*)

(★ ̄∀ ̄★)


  1. wa, lo del pea es lo de que surt a uns anuncis dient curiositats? AHHH no menrrecordo com es deia! segur que a tu tb et sona/ ho saps

    bueno sarah lineta com sempre et dic, les teves entrades MENCANTAN esque son genials.

    i l'estoig del miyavi es amor <3 jo no em viag comprar res, molo, soc pobre i tal xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    buuuu <3333333333333333

  2. Me encanta la plantita del usb *-*

  3. jaja que gracia ^^
    Mi estuche es un trozo de sandia ^^ juju pero no se si me compraré otro.


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