☆Studio Ghibli museum☆

Last summer my parents and I went to Studio Ghibli museum and I can say that it's my favourite musem! (●´∀`)

We took a special bus to go there. It's necessary to buy the tickets previously because there can only be a certain number of people in the museum at the same time☆

It wasn't allowed to take photos indoors so I don't have many photos, sorry! (*´△`*)

The museum is BEAUTIFUL! There is a replica of Hayao Miyazaki's studio, figures, drawings, machines that you can move and then they make an "anime-efect", a Neko Bus for little children... (・∀・●)
We could watch a short film that was only showed there (in the Studio Ghibli museum)! (。・ω・。)

I also bought some things in the shop of the museum. These are some of them (^▽^。)

☆A Totoro plushie
★A Ponyo charm
☆A Howl badge
★A Ponyo scarf
☆A Totoro pencil

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  1. Que bonic!, espero que cuan vaigi *si algún dia arriba* pugui anar-hi ;OO;

    m'encanten les teves entrades lina! són genials, enserio!! <33


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