Renewed photos☆

Maybe you have already seen that the photos that I uploaded in the last entry where a little different, they had nice frames and this kind of stuff☆ That's because I downloaded a photo editing program that has a lot of nice and cute tools (・ω・*) It's so useful and enjoy myself a lot when I use it (≧▽≦) The bad thing is that it's only for Windows so I can't use it on my computer because I have a Mac (´^`) Anyway, I installed it on my mother's laptop and I use her computer to edit photos(`・ω・´)b

I edited some photos just to have fun. They look like purikura now!!\(*^-^*)/ Almost all of them are photos the I've already uploaded on the blog.

This is a photo of the meeting we had in Tokyo last mont. Now it has become so sparkling(*`・ω・´*)*:.。. ☆ haha
先月東京にあったオフ会の写真です。キラキラですね(*`・ω・´*)*:.。. ☆笑

This is another photo of the meeting, with Yukirun and Manami (((≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)八(≧▽≦)))

Manami and Moemii. This one is so pink!(^∀^)

Ryo and Yukirun. They bought some twin outfits that had pandas on their pants so I decorated the image with a panda pattern (゚∇^*)ノ


These are some photos I got with Marina and Ida. I also wanted to decorate a photo with Mariona but I didn't have photos with her in that moment! (( ,,・з・,, )) I'll do it next time♪(*^^)b
そしてこれはマリーナちゃんとイダちゃんと撮った写真です♪(*^^)bマリオナちゃんは出ない。ごめん、マリオナちゃ〜ん(( ,,・з・,, ))笑

I also decorated this photo which I had taken with a huge ice cream ( ̄▽ ̄)haha
大きいアイスちゃんと撮った写真もある( ̄▽ ̄)笑

Finally a photo of Teruki and Chibi Maruko Chan (p^-^q) There were some images of this character in the program and Teruki has written about it on his blog so I wanted to do this kind of photo edition (*`θ´*)笑


  1. però la que surto jo no DD':
    eh que guai m'hauràs d'ensenyar que jo no entenc molt bé com va encara ~

  2. All the photos that you edited look so cute! I also really enjoy this program ☆
    However you are a lot more skilled than I am (笑) I still have to figure out how things work a little and stuff (^ω^;)

  3. They are so cute!
    Especially, Teruki is cute.(*^^*)haha

  4. Hola!
    muchas gracias por comentarme, me hace ilusión la verdad jajaja.
    las fotos son de cuandoe stuviste en Japón, no? puedo preguntarte si siemrpe s Tokyo o vas a otros sitios? me dijiste que habías estado 3 veces, si no me equivoco.
    Hablas japonés? qué envidia! jajaja
    yo estoy estudiándolo, pero mis clases sólo son 1 vez a la semana y no da para mucho...
    yo estudio turismo, que no te engañe el nombre...porque no tiene nada que ver, me arrepentí mucho jaja me gustaba más traducción, pero no la había aquí y enseguida me quitaron la idea d ela cabeza y yo no insistí más.
    Cuando yo miré lo de estudios de asia oriental, tenías que hacer primero una carrea y através de ella podías acceder a ella (no era una carrea como tal) un curso puente tenías que hacer. vaya.
    Perdona por el rollazo!!

  5. owwwh this photos are really cute *___* even when they arn't that perfect as an puricura is, but I really love thie edit a lot *-*
    I had a programm some years ago were I could change the BG's too and add some funny faces to the pic and so one. It was very cute <3
    what's the name of your programm? I think my one was Photoscape or something XD

  6. Oh, all photos are really cute!! o(≧∀≦)o
    May I know where do you make them? ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

  7. haha k maques les fotos ^^ t'an quedat la mar de mones!! <3

  8. hi!
    im a new follower of your blog!
    it is interesting!
    if you want,please look at my blog too^^
    its about japan and fashion!

    have a nice day~~~

  9. 김은화♡→És molt fàcil!! Ja t'ho ensenyaré(*^∀^*)

    Yuzu→Thank you! The photos that you edited are very nice, too! (^∇^)

    Atsumi→Thank you!!o(≧∀≦)o

    sandra→Hola!! No no, no es un rollazo! A mi me gustan los comentarios largos (^O^) Te he contestado las preguntas en tu blog☆

    ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Thank you!! Yes, it isn't perfect but I think it isn't a bad program. It has a lot of nice tools (*^^*) The name is Xiu Xiu. It's a Chinese program☆

    Karolina→Thank you! I used a program called Xiu Xiu (^^)

    ((*natsi*))→Gràcies!! (^∇^)

    みえーちゃん→Thank you very much!! I like your blog, too(^ω^)


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