Hello nyappy☆

It was Bou's birthday on the 16th. Nyappy Birthday, Bou!!o(≧∀≦)o It was nice when everybody was tweeting about his birthday. Definitely, Twitter is my favorite web☆ Twitter has made me feel closer to An Cafe and has given me the opportunity to know so many people, people who have become an important part of my live. Sometimes a simple tweet can make me feel very happy(*´▽`*) Maybe some people can't understand my feelings but they're so truthful. Some people can only love the ones who live near them but I can also love people who live very far from me, and this is a true feeling(*ゝω・´*) However when I think about the people who live far away from me I can't avoid thinking "I want to see you now!"(´・ω・`)


Today I was in Barcelona with my mother (´∀`) First we went to the Japanese café and we had breakfast there.

 I had match roll cake. So delicious! (*´ω`*)

 I had been looking for some shoes and today I found them. I really like creepers but they were much cheaper than the creepers you can usually find out there. That's because I bought them in...H&M! Yes, it's true!(☆o◎) I was so happy when I saw them ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ ワーイ
欲しかった靴を見つけた〜!クリーパーの靴はめっちゃカッコイイね☆でもいつも高い。しかし今日安いクリーパーを見つけた..........H&Mのお店で!マジでーーーーー(☆o◎)とても嬉しくなったよヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ ワーイ

 I also bought a Hello Kitty planner for university. It's very cute! I also got these cat stickers ~(=^・ω・^)

These are some photos I got today in Barcelona.

I also bought some cute Japanese fabrics at Nunoya (●´∀`)
ぬのやのお店で日本の布地を買った。素敵ですね〜 (●´∀`)

Then we had lunch at UDON. We ate ramen and my dessert was a matcha mocha (。・∀・。)


  1. I understand your feelings about Twitter. It also means a lot to me as I met many nice people there, like you for example o(≧∀≦)o
    The only bad thing about it is the long distances (´・ω・`)
    I like the pictures of you in Barcelona! I still remember some of these places (笑)
    The things you bought are lovely, especially the planner and stickers! The fabric is cute as well. What are you going to make of it? (*^ー^)♪
    Udon is so delicious! I really want to eat it when I'm in Barcelona. I don't like mochi though, I've had it twice but they weren't tasty in my opinion (>_<)

  2. ah quina pasada enserio son del h&m les sabates? oh mencanta les mitjes a joc amb les creepers !! que maca =D

  3. サラちゃんは時々、すごく感動する言葉を書きますね(´;ω;`)私もサラちゃんが大好きですよ。


  4. OH WOW, ustedes tienen ramen alla, yo siempre he querido saber a que sabe el recien hecho ;3; Que lindas cosas te compraste y me gustó tu coordinado.

  5. Hey, Sarah!

    Te importaría decirme qué cafetería japonesa es esa y dónde pilla más cerca para el transporte público?

    Igual algún día me paso con mi grupo a ver qué tienen! <3

    Por cierto, los zapatos nuevos son geniales.

  6. Franxua→Qué bien! Gracias por comentar o(≧∀≦)o

    Yuzu→Well, I wanted to use the fabrics to decorate a planner/diary but now I already have the Hello Kitty one so I have to think what I will do with them. Anyway, they are so cute so I want to use them to make something nice \(^θ^)/

    ((*natsi*))→Sííí, són del H&M hahaha (^O^) Gràcies!☆


    Ètoile→Gracias! El ramen lo comí en un restaurante que se llama UDON. No hay ningún restaurante donde tu vives que sirvan ramen? (>_<)

    Mitokura→Esta es su web. Aquí puedes encontrar toda la información☆ http://www.ochiaipastisseria.com/


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