Today I want to show you some things that I bought in Kiddy Land. The new shop of Kiddy Land is begin builded so they set up the shop in this other building meanwhile↓☆

There are so many cute things in this shop!(人´∀`) 

I bought a Sentimental Circus towel, Rilakkuma chopsticks, a My Melody card  sleeve to keep the train ticket when I go to university. I used to use a Ponyo sleeve but it got broken because I used it every day so many times, so when I saw this one I thought I should buy it! (・∀・) I also bought some hair accessories of Hello Kitty and a pen that looks like an ice cream☆
Sentimental Circusのタオルやリラックマの箸を買った。去年ポニョのカードケースを使った。毎日大学に行ったとき、あのカードケースを使った。だからとても古くなった。キディランドでマイメロディのカードケースを見たら、「買わなきゃ!」と思った(笑)☆ヘアアクセサリーとボールペンも買った。ボールペンはアイスみたいね(・∀・)笑

 I also got this little teddy of Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori that has my birthday date (Jan 27th) printed on it and a Hello Kitty keychain. I bought some stickers, too★ I like writing and receiving letters very much!(*´∀`*) So when I have the opportunity to write a letter, I stick some stickers on it (。・ω・)

Finally, I also bought this pair of sleeves. They're so cute!!(●´ω`●)


  1. Oooh my god, this items are sooo cute *__*
    I heared of Kiddie land from a friend who was in japan too XD it must be a very very nice shop *__*
    I love lettersets and stickers so much and this ones you bought are so cute too *3*
    Now I only need a penfriend too then I can use my lettersets too XD

  2. Ooh, you bought so many cute things! I really want to go to Kiddy Land too one day (・ω・)
    I especially love the stickers, they're great!
    I also like to write letters and decorating them, but I don't have many stickers because they're hard to find here (TへT;)
    I still haven't had time to write your letter, sorry! (>_<) Hopefully I can write it this weekend.

  3. solo fuiste a japon a ver tiendas?eso es para ti ese gran pais , un gran centro comercial donde comprarte cosas?

  4. I agree with what the person above me has said.

    ah por cierto, tienes cara de hombre! y te ves ridicula con esa ropa! XD

  5. All the things you bought are so, so cute! (*・ω・*)I really like the teddy and stickers! (*^0^*)

  6. ~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~→Thank you! In Japan some poeple give letters to friends when they see them (at least the people I know). I received a lot of letters when I met them and I also had written letters for them (´∀`) Letter sets are also useful to write fan-letters (゚ー^*)

    ((*natsi*))→Gràcies!! (≧∇≦)

    Yuzu→Yes, it's difficult to find nice stickers but sometimes you can find cute ones in Accessories or on the Internet ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

    Karolina→Thank you very much!!☆ (・∀・)

  7. Gracias por comentar!
    Kiddyland es la bomba!!!! Compré allí un montón de "omiyage" para mis amigos de aquí :3
    Sí que has ido tú a Japón no?? Qué envidia! :P


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